Michael has applied to attend Kent SEEK2: Entrepreneurship this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Business & Law
Stamford Acdemey
Stamford, CT
Successfully funded on April 14th, 2016!
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Michael's Story

My passion is entrepreneurship.

My mom worked hard everyday to provide for my siblings and I, but we still had hard times. That's when I told myself to man up and go help my mom financially. I got a job, but even $9.15/hr wasn't enough, so I would come up with ways to earn more money. My ideas were creative but took a lot of dedication. I would buy used Jordan's brand shoes, clean/repair them and flip them to make a profit. At the age of 15, I became fascinated by a TV show called "Sharktank." Me and my little brother make predictions about the show's business ideas, and most of the time we're right.

Since I'm trying to become a entrepreneur, I think Kent SEEK2: Entrepreneurship can really help me get to my goal. It will teach me how to plan out my entire career to set a clear path. I will learn how to manage my own business. I will learn how to price my own product or how to create a layout of my business.

A Note from Mrs. Johnson, Michael's Teacher

"It is my strong belief that Michael would flourish in the Kent SEEK2: Entrepreneurship program. Michael is an effective leader not only in his class, but in our entire school.

If Michael had the opportunity to meet and swap ideas with other student leaders he would truly see himself as a leader and become incredibly successful in his future. Michael would take the opportunity to absorb all the information that he possibly could, growing into a more confident and able leader than he already is. I have no doubt that this program would set Michael on a certain path to success."

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Success! Mrs. Johnson helped Michael raise $2,400
April 14
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April 14
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April 11

You are awesome! Way to persevere and not let your circumstances define you!

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Clarice Johnson donated $40
April 11

I feel giving locally is best, and we all need to invest and believe in our youth, good idea Mrs. Johnson👏🏼

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Tarrie Marhefsky donated $25
April 11

I believe in investing in our youth and if Mrs. Johnson has given you a recommendation, you are worthy of it. Go Michael!

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April 7
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April 7
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