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ACE Charter High School
San Jose, CA
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bao's Story

My passion is biology.

Growing up, my family had many health situations in which I found an interest. I have always been curious to know why our bodies respond to different diseases and physical damages. Not too long after I discovered my interest, I broke my left arm. Although I had to endure pain during a 3 week recovery period, this incident only enhanced my curiosity. When I was 5-years-old I asked questions such as "what is happening in there?" or "how is my body doing this?" However, it was not until middle school when I took my first Pre-Biology class that I realized how much I enjoyed science.

A Note from Mr. Shah, bao's Mentor

The way that Bao approaches problems or challenges, demonstrates to me that he has a hunger to learn and the determination to succeed in whatever he does. However, he is limited by his access and circumstances, which is why an excellent program is ideal to connect him to the educational opportunities that will best take advantage of his abilities. His love for the human biology and deep inquisitiveness about how the human body works makes him an ideal candidate for the National Teen Leadership Program.

Campaign Activity
bao posted an update
September 8
Thank you

Thank you everyone who donated to my program. Attending NTLP has been the highlight of my summer and I plan on coming back the following summer.

bao posted an update
May 5
National Teen Leadership Program

This upcoming July, I will be attending the National Teen Leadership Program at Sacramento State University. I am particularly excited because I have never attended any program specifically for leadership and I'm curious about what activities we'll be doing. Ultimately, I hope this program will fortify my leadership skills that will help me in college and beyond.

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April 21
The Mario St. George Boiardi Foundation donated $100
April 21
Grandma and Grandpa Tu donated $70
April 21
Uyenchi Huynh donated $75
April 20

Abe- proud of you! Take advantage of these opportunities but don't forget to have fun in the process! Love you ! Rabbit and Jess

Doug Huynh donated $20
April 16

I believe in you Bao! You work incredibly hard and deserve this great opportunity. Your drive and curiosity will take you far in the sciences

My Lai Huynh donated $25
April 15
Ahmed Moussa donated $25
April 14

Best of luck on your path. Stay hearty in your efforts.

Wendy Pham donated $25
April 12

Dear Bao,
You are the good student at school and a good boy at home that we are proud of you...
Please go forward to do more activities as a teen leader! Thank you,
Wendy Pham
( from Vietnam)

Rebecca Strellnauer donated $50
March 28

Bao is a motivated and driven student who always aspires to succeed and go out of his comfort zone. I have no doubt that he will become a successful contributor to society when he reaches adulthood. He will change the world for the better.

Student Contribution donated $99
March 27
National Teen Leadership Program
National Teen Leadership Program donated $50
March 27
Mr. Shah started this campaign
March 27
bao was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1