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Math, Science, and Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High School
Los Angeles, CA
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Emily's Story

My passion is leadership.

I love basketball. This mainly started in middle school - I played every sport - but when I played basketball it was different. The summer before high school I worked on my dribbling, layups, and more. I felt like I needed a lot of help, so I reached out to some of the coaches from a Boys and Girls Club, which helped me improve. That summer was great because I was working my butt off for something that really made me happy.

I feel like the Teen Leadership program will help me become a better person and develop qualities of a leader. I feel like if I want to be on a basketball team, it doesn't only have to do with being good but also being able to work with others and grow as a person.

A Note from Mrs. Morris, Emily's Mentor

Thank you for supporting Emily's campaign to attend the National Teen Leadership program! Emily is a phenomenal candidate for this program, and I can't wait to see her excel.

Campaign Activity
Emily posted an update
July 13
National Teen Leadership Program

I felt like this opportunity gave me a chance to grow. NTLP made three days so great and worth the while. I left Chapman University learning how to speak up and how to have an open heart. I learned how to communicate with others that I even felt more confident with interviews. Not only that, but every part of the program was fun and maybe a little scary because they were all new faces and it's crazy to have thought that we didn't have anything in common because the truth is that we all wanted to be heard. We all care about others being heard. We all loved! We didn't know each other but it was beyond the differences.

Jennifer was like the mom of NTLP and her first words to us were "I love you guys. I don't know you but i love you." and I laughed at that in the beginning of the program because how could you love someone you don't know. The truth is that I loved all of them there too. I just didn't know it yet. Sure enough when Sunday came i was so heartbroken knowing I was going to leave all these great new people I had just met. It was a beautiful experience. We heard three people speak about their own experience and it really touched people differently. Some cried, some were mad and others didn't even know what to feel. We were asked to look around and comfort those who were crying even if you didn't know them and honestly it felt good to have someone there even if you had just met them. The overall message I'mm trying to send is that I'm thankful I got to have this opportunity because it marked my life, and it made a positive difference in my life. I loved my team leaders Michelle and Clarissa. They taught us that we're all great in our own ways and as long as we get together, help each other out, and just love each other we can overcome so many things.

Thank you for this WONDERFUL opportunity!!

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