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Performing Arts
CREC Metropolitan Learning Center
Bloomfield, CT
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Jibril's Story

My passion is music.

Every since I was very young, I loved listening to music. My mother played rhythm and blues and soul music in the car and in the house. Friends and family also gave me instruments at a very early age to play around with. I enjoyed learning, informally, how to play the trumpet, the Congo drums, and the piano. My passion now lies in composing music and music production. I hope to perform my music someday.

Over the last year, I have become more serious about songwriting and making beats. However, I feel that there is a lot I need to learn about the music business, using different types of equipment (such as pro tools), as well as mixing and mastering music. I would also like to be in a space where I can collaborate with others who enjoy the art of music. Most importantly, Camp Jam allows for young people to learn from the pros. Camp Jam will help to build my confidence as an aspiring musician and songwriter.

A Note from Mr. Booker, Jr., Jibril's Mentor

Jibril is very passionate about music and the arts. He is eager to learn new things and to improve his skills and abilities in music and composition, not only for his own personal development but also so he is able to bring back his new developed skills to his community and educate others. Jibril seeks to improve himself constantly. He is a driven young man who seeks excellence in all that he puts his mind to. He works hard to keep positive people around him who can inspire and motivate him to continually improve.

Campaign Activity
Jibril posted an update
May 9
Camp Jam

I am going to be participating in the Camp Jam this summer. I am really excited to be attending. There aren't many opportunities during the school year to focus on music. I think that this program will help me develop my musical talent and to connect with like-minded students.

I am looking forward to working with other people my age and sharing ideas and advice with one another. I chose this program because I love music. I enjoy writing music, making beats, and playing music. I believe that participating in this program will help me by providing a healthy outlet but also sharpening my ability to develop music as well as play and perform.

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