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Environmental & Outdoors
Bronx Lighthouse College Preparatory Academy
Bronx, NY
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Fatoumata's Story

My passion is becoming an environmental activist.

The first time that I wandered through the forest alone was in Guinea, Conakry, where I was born and raised till the age of nine. I remember walking down a path that led to the gloomy part of the forest with the shadows of trees creeping down on me and thinking to myself, how can people destruct such a beautiful and useful place. As I sat on rock I deeply thought about how can I prevent these issues from expanding over time and destroy my home.

Throughout my high school career, I’ve worked towards the goal of becoming a professional engineer who uses nature as a reference to build new technologies that do not harm the environment. I have spent my time researching the history of technology by visiting museums and reading books about environmental factors. During the years I lived in Africa, I mostly spent my free time roaming the forest and trying to understand the basics of nature and how it developed throughout history. With the low level of education that I was exposed to in Africa, opportunities to learn about environmental issues such as global warming, climate change, and deforestation was not given to students. However, I always took the time myself to search for articles or pictures that help expand my knowledge about nature, technology, politics, and the types of cultures that circle around the world. Through these self explorations, I also became fascinated of how technology is produced, however, I despised the fact that it’s one of the factors that are causing climate changes and deforestation.

Attending The Brown Environmental Leadership Lab Summer Program will help me progress towards my goal of becoming an ambitious leader who has the skills and motivation to execute an idea in different scenarios. I am very aware of what I bring to the table, especially when it involves passionate leaders that I look up to. The program will help expand my creativity, knowledge of nature, and leadership skills that will guide me down the path of becoming an environmental activist.

A Note from Ms. Choi, Fatoumata's Counselor

"Fatoumata wants to be a leader in the environmental industry. She has transitioned from living in a rural setting when she was a young child to an urban setting in the South Bronx. She tells me that is was easy to see when people were doing things to harm the environment back in her home country of Guinea because it was like everyone knew the trees intimately and didn’t want to hurt them. But in the city, it’s different; sometimes people forget that there is nature out there and that our actions contribute to its well-being versus destruction. She hopes to be able to understand how to support and protect our environment, and hopes to bring back this appreciation for nature for all in her current urban community.”

Campaign Activity
Fatoumata posted an update
September 1
My Adventure at BELL

BELL is the most amazing, unforgettable and unique program I have ever been to. My time at BELL was spent on increasing my leadership skills, environmental issues and what we can do to protect nature, and also building strong relationships among the students and staff. I want to thank you wishbone and the people who donated to my campaign for giving me the opportunity to learn and attend an amazing program such as BELL. My life have changed in the most positive way possible. Thank you so much!

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Catching Co hogs
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Have an incredible summer, Fatoumata!

-Friend of Ms. Choi

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April 21

You are incredibly inspiring! We need more women in leadership positions as discussions of environmental issues become more and more important :)

Dominique McKoy donated $25
April 19

I am so proud of you Fatoumata!!!

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April 17
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April 16

Hi Fatoumata! Congratulations again on the wonderful opportunity to be at Brown University this summer! Keep up the good work and know that you will always have people around you rooting for your success!

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April 14

Good luck hun! This is great

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April 14
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April 13

So proud of you! I hope you reach your goal. :)

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