Allison has applied to attend UCA Cheer Summer Camp this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Phillip & Sala Burton Academic High School
San Francisco, CA
Successfully funded on May 1st, 2015!
Fully funded!
$375 raised
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Allison's Story

My passion is cheerleading.

Cheerleading became my passion when I found out that I made the Varsity cheer team. I fell in love with the sport when I first learned how to stunt, from the amazing sensation I get when I accomplish the stunt to the heart warming people I get to spend time with.

Attending UCA Cheer Summer Camp will help me develop my passion by allowing me to learn new, advanced skills that I need to perfect the stunts I have down already and to learn new stunts.

A Note from Ms. Traverso, Allison's Coach

"Allison has demonstrated her value to the cheerleading team through hard work and persistence. She immediately stood out as a skilled back, a significant position in stunting, and soon each stunt group was fighting for her. She is incredibly strong and powerful, something necessary to be a back. This is what brought her into the squad and helped her develop close relationships with those on the squad. I have really seen her grow over this year and find her place.

I think going to cheer camp will be an amazing experience for Allison. She will be a senior next year and I know that I will look to her to be one of the leaders on the squad. I want her to go to camp, not just to improve her cheer skills, but to improve her leadership skills. I know that if she is given the opportunity to go to cheer camp she will excel just like she has in all other areas of her life."

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Success! Ms. Traverso helped Allison raise $375
May 1
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May 1
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March 26
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March 26
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March 26
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February 9