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KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory
San Francisco, CA
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Cheston's Story

My passion is science.

Science became my passion because I found it interesting to learn about the things in life that are a mystery. This started becoming my passion in elementary school. Science was really interesting to learn in class, so I would get excited when we would learn anything science related. It is still my passion today ,and I am pretty sure that it will be my passion for the rest of my life.

Attending iD Tech Camp at UC Berkeley will develop my passion for science even more. This program sounds really cool when it comes to teaching computer science in a way that is fun for everyone. The program will also help me make new friends who have a similar interest in science and in learning.

A Note from Ms. Ngo, Cheston's Mentor

"Cheston is an intelligent, thoughtful person who shows initiative and pursues his passion for science in order to help build the community. For example, he helped found the gaming and programming club at the local Boys and Girls Club that has proven to be successful and popular among the youth.

Cheston is a perfect candidate for the iD Tech Camp at UC Berkeley. He is very innovative, has a great work ethic, and has lots of potential to help with the advancement of science. Additionally, he brings with him some experience in the field of electronics, as he was involved in the Exploratorium X-Tech Program."

Campaign Activity
Cheston posted an update
June 22
Excited for iD Tech Camp

I am excited to learn more about designing games since it has been a passion of mine to get to learn with computers. I also want to meet new people who share the same interests as me, so we can all learn together and teach each other what we learned. Socializing with new people is something that I do not really do that often, but it is actually a pretty fun thing to do especially when we are working together on a project. I do not know what to expect at ID Tech camp and feel scared to be in a unfamiliar place, but I hope to make my family and friends proud and do well.

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