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Technology & Engineering
Everest Public High School
Redwood City, CA
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Isai's Story

My passion is technology.

I love learning how technology works. So far, I've taken a class on computer science then on video production. Of the two, I really enjoy editing videos and web design. In my free time, I learn something new about computers or phones on YouTube. I really like learning about technology because I know it is the future.

Watching YouTube videos and taking my video production class have made me want to learn more editing skills. Attending Digital Media Academy will help me learn how to use some of the big editing software out there. Taking this class will help me find out if video editing is what I want to do with the rest of my life.

A Note from Ms. Lee, Isai's Teacher

"Isai would make an exceptional participant in the Digital Media Academy. I have had the exciting pleasure of watching him grow more passionate about video editing work. Outside of his rigorous academic coursework, he works hard on his videos and has shown me projects that he's spent countless hours on. While Isai is a self-sufficient learner and our school has provided him with introductory elective classes to get his feet wet in this field, the Digital Media Academy will provide him the necessary tools to move forward in pursuing his passion through structured and focused courses. He does well as an independent learner, but under some more directed guidance with the Digital Media Academy, he will thrive and carry these experiences with him as he continues to pursue this passion."

Campaign Activity
Isai posted an update
August 31
Post Attendance: Digital Media Academy

It has been 3 weeks since I finished Digital Media Academy, and I have to say it was a wonderful experience. Everyone was super nice and friendly. I was nervous at first but once I got there everyone said hi to me and made me feel welcome. On the first day, we met a teacher who has been editing films for 30 years: he started with VCR tapes and his story was very inspiring. He was very nice and patient he explained various methods of editing and using the cameras. He made everything sound very simple and easy to understand to make sure no one got lost or overwhelmed. The teacher also tried to connect with every student he could and it felt like a community that enjoyed filmmaking and editing and not a boring class with random students. I can say I have never been in a class that was as diverse as the one I was in at DMA. There were people that came from different states, from Mexico and China; it was great having different perspectives about creating videos from different people. I made a video with two people from Mexico and they were very funny and had some great ideas, and I learned a lot about their culture along the way. All and all, I can say I came to DMA to learn some video editing techniques, but I came out with learning different cultures, making new friends, and learning techniques in cinematography like how to handle a camera, edit videos, and some special effects. Thank you to everyone who supported me and donated money for me to have these experiences it was really a once in a lifetime experience I am very grateful and I enjoyed every second of it.

Isai posted an update
June 23
A Long Journey Through Junior Year

I have finally finished my junior year and I can say I am very proud of how I have grown. I have to say it has been a rough year because my family was told we were going to have to move to another house. Now, I am spending my summer relaxing and studying for the SAT, getting ahead at school for senior year, and preparing to attend Digital Media Academy that will take me one step closer to my passion. I didn't do this alone, I had friends who helped me with school, family that supported and my mentor who supported me emotionally and in school. Thank you for your donations!

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June 8
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