Pedro has applied to attend Red Bull New York Residential Soccer Camp this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Platt High School
Orville H. Platt High School
Successfully funded on April 19th, 2018!
Fully funded!
$835 raised
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Pedro's Story

My passion is soccer. When I was little, my dad and brother always played soccer. They played basically everyday day and most of time they would take me along. As I got older, I started playing soccer. Eventually, I started playing everyday. My dad would always take me to my brother's games and that's when I fell in love with the game. I would always tell my dad to take me to go to practice and he would show me drills to practice on my own. To this day, I still play soccer. This has been my passion since I was 7 years old.

Red Bull New York Soccer Camp would be something i would love to participate in because it can help me a lot as a soccer player. Every single club or team I have played for has always been a competition to me but I worked hard enough to make my place and make myself look good. I know that this soccer camp will make me a better soccer player and maybe even as a person. It would be an honor to play at the camp and knowing the level everyone's on, it would make me work even harder and strive for more.

A Note from Mr. Redican, Pedro's Coach

Pedro is a hardworking individual on the field. I think the instruction from Red Bull New York Residential Soccer Camp will give Pedro the emotional boost he needs and hopefully he can hear it from well trained outside staff that he needs to put in the effort in school as well.

Campaign Activity
Success! Mr. Redican helped Pedro raise $835
April 19
Dalio Foundation donated $65
April 19

Congratulations on reaching your goal! The Dalio Foundation is proud to provide support as you discover your passions and pursue your dreams.

Sabrina Garcia donated $60
April 18

You deserve it. Keep up the good work.

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Anonymous donated $20
April 7

Keep chasing you’re dreams & make this experience the best of it xoxo - family

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John Vieira donated $5
April 6

Good luck Pedro!

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Elvira/chai Hernandez donated $20
April 6

Good boy

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Daniel Leal donated $25
April 5

Btw it's ur cuzin/uncle Miza lol I don't have a debit card but anyways KEEP DOING YOUR BEST AND MAKE THE FAMILY PROUD

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Sandra Flores donated $25
April 5

very proud of you keep the good work πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Application Excellence Award from a Wishbone Sponsor donated $151
March 28

Your application essays were very thoughtful!

Roger Solis Hernandez donated $40
March 22

Keep chasing your dreams, stay focused.

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Timothy Redican donated $25
March 21

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March 19
Red Bull New York
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March 19
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March 19
Pedro was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1