Lisseth has applied to attend San Jose Area Writing Project Teen Institute this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Leadership Public Schools - Richmond
Richmond, CA
Successfully funded on May 6th, 2016!
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Lisseth's Story

My passion is AB 540 club.

Ab 540 is a club that raises money for the senior that do not have papers to be legally in the US. I discovered it last year at my school. I love to fundraise for undocumented students. I like it there because I am able to build relationships with everyone in different grades. This will help me in the Teen Writing Institute because I will be able to communicate with college professors and college students.

I chose this program because I love to write and writing is my passion. Writing became my passion in the ninth grade; since then, when you give me a paper and pencil I won't stop until all my ideas come out. I decided to write a book about struggles that teens face. I chose Teen Writing Institute to improve my writing and get a feel for how a college class works.

A Note from Mrs. Thomas, Lisseth's Teacher

"Lisseth is a focused, driven student who has demonstrated not just a passion to excel but has tremendous care for others in her community. One way she has demonstrated this passion was last year: she was given the opportunity to do extra credit for her math class and chose to focus on bullying. She did student and adults surveys, all self-created, and presented the results to her peers along with why the topic matters to her. This was pretty impressive!"

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Success! Mrs. Thomas helped Lisseth raise $700
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