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Business & Law
Uncommon Preparatory Charter High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on April 27th, 2018!
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Jasmine's Story

My passion is social justice. Social justice is significant because it is important to advocate for rights of humans in society. Social justice is essential in the society that we live in today, the rights of people are violated too often. This presidency influenced my passion for social justice because I want America to life up to the Constitution that "all men are created equal" and eventually build the skill to advocate for the rights of Americas and immigrants. Furthermore, my passion for social justice has strengthened throughout my history classes in school. In AP United States History, we explore different events in history where ethnic racial groups are dehumanized and socially undermined. Social justice allows me to advocate for human rights in our society.

Attending NSLC Law and Advocacy will help me pursue my passion of social justice because it will allow me to build social skills, help me understand how the law system works, and help me gain professionalism my career.

A Note from Mr. Healey, Jasmine's Teacher

Jasmine demonstrates a passion for citizenship and social justice that extends beyond the four walls of any classroom. Jasmine has been deeply involved in campus activities such as the Black Lives Matter Club, and giving her an additional summer outlet like NSLC Law and Advocacy would only help to grow and hone her passions so that she could drive social justice work at the school further.

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Success! Mr. Healey helped Jasmine raise $3,195
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