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Burton High School
San Francisco, California
Successfully funded on April 18th, 2018!
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Asantay's Story

My passion is baseball.

I discovered my passion for baseball by playing with my family and neighbors in my community who always encouraged me to stay off the streets and spend my time doing something positive and productive. I grew up spending most of my time playing baseball, whether it be for the school team, with friends at a park or playing in a league. These experiences have helped me build a string passion for baseball and have led me to purse a career in baseball.

Attending a US Sports Nike Baseball Camp will help me pursue my passion for baseball by providing me with exposure to professional coaching and support, giving me playing opportunities with other students from around the Bay Area, and helping me build my leadership abilities to help me better support my teams. Baseball is a team sport, and understanding how to best work with your peers, and how to motivate and inspire others is something I'd like to develop in through attending a US Sports Nike Baseball Camp.

A Note from Mr. Miles, Asantay's Teacher

Asantay has a passion for sports and finds ways to participate both in and outside of school with his peers. He has contacted me about pursing development opportunities in the summer, and this organization seems like a way for him to pursue what the experiences he seeks.

Asantay has a strong will to learn when he is passionate about what he is doing. US Sports Nike Baseball Camp would support him in building his motor skills and network of peers in an environment where others share is passion for sports.

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Success! Mr. Miles helped Asantay raise $705
April 18
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April 18

Looking forward to your leadership next school year!

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