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East Hartford High School
East Hartford, Connecticut
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Kevin's Story

My passion is football.

I had never played football until my junior year, but I really enjoyed it. I knew I had the ability to dominate the sport when I got more experience. I've always watched football and enjoyed the games, but I just had never put on pads and played with the contact. However, once I got the opportunity to, things changed. I enjoyed it and got very confident in myself. In my first season, we made It to the playoffs for the first time in 60 years. We had a record of 9-1. It was an amazing season. When we lost in the playoffs, it was very sad but I did not give up. I knew we would be back next year. I have found a new love for the sport of football, and I am ready to be dominant.

Attending US Sports Contact Football Camp will get me ready for my senior season, and it will help me see other levels of competition. I find this important because it will challenge me and make me an even better football player. Attending this program will get me stronger and more built for what's to come. It will push me harder so I can become something. I want to defy the odds and prove people wrong that just because I started playing football my junior year does not mean I cannot dominate. This is my way out, and I want to make my parents proud.

A Note from Mr. Ryan, Kevin's Teacher

Kevin is motivated by the competition of football. The challenge of his position, the strength of the game, the effort of practice: all in the name of improvement. Kevin has seen what hard work can do for him on the field. He wants to learn more skills and understand the game of football as well as learn to strengthen his body in preparation for his senior season and college.

Kevin has explored various avenues of being involved in our school community. This past season, Kevin joined the football team. He found a connection with the coaches and players. He has discovered a passion for the game of football. This passion has helped him define some goals, both short term and long term. The goals relate to the field and classroom. He seeking ways to improve himself in both areas.

Campaign Activity
Kevin posted an update
July 13
Wishbone Nike Camp

The camp is almost here and I couldn't be more excited . I cannot wait to meet other athletes and get to know wonderful people. I hope to see other levels of competition and hopefully this camp makes me a better player.

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