Victoria has applied to attend UCLA Mock Trial Institute this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Business & Law
Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School
Los Angeles, CA
Successfully funded on June 6th, 2015!
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Victoria's Story

My passion is being an advocate for those who are afraid to speak up for themselves and influencing the Hispanic community.

This became my passion around the time I entered the 7th grade. I specifically had a history teacher who one day asked the class a philosophical question that made all of us come to a standstill. This particular moment made me realize that I do have a voice and that it was time to begin to put it to good use. I became intrigued by newscasts and following court cases regarding immigration laws. I do not want to merely be another number in society; I want to fight for what I believe is right for our people.

By attending UCLA Mock Trial Institute, I will develop my passion by learning the proper techniques to use when representing a particular case. Additionally, I will learn the perspective of not only the client I am defending, but also that of the opposing party. Attendance at the Mock Trial Institute will help prepare me for a career in business and law and assisting the Hispanic community.

A Note from Ms. Vides, Victoria's Mentor

"Victoria is an excellent candidate for the UCLA Mock Trial Institute because she wants to become a District Attorney for Los Angeles. If she is involved in this program, it will give her experience and knowledge of this field and will only strengthen her dreams. She has expressed that she wants to seek this type of career because she wants to help others. Specifically, she wants to give a voice to communities that are not well represented."

Campaign Activity
Victoria posted an update
June 26
Excited for my Summer Program!

I would first like to start off by thanking all of YOU for contributing to my campaign. I truly appreciate it so much and it means the world to me that because of YOUR support, I will be attending the UCLA Mock Trial Institute this summer. I'm quite nervous going into the Mock Trial Institute considering it's such an amazing opportunity and I will be meeting other young adults like myself who I have never met before. I understand that even though I have butterflies in my stomach, overall this Mock Trial experience will be amazing and exciting. I'm really excited and looking forward to learning how a case is presented, analyzed, and the different viewpoints one must hold in a courtroom. I can not wait until the UCLA Mock Trial begins and all of this wouldn't have been possible without YOUR help!! With the knowledge I gain, I know that further down the line all this will help assist me in reaching my biggest goal in life, giving back to my community.

Success! Ms. Vides helped Victoria raise $1,760
June 6
Barbara Sproat donated $92
June 6

I am so happy for you! I know you will enjoy and appreciate every moment of the experience.

Diana Deitz donated $100
June 5

We are very proud of you mija! May you continue to be blessed with success and more opportunities like these.
Love your tios, Deitz fam bam

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krystal Amezcua donated $100
June 1
Barry Monroy donated $100
May 30

So proud of you!! Have fun.
Tia Cindy and Tio Barry

Marisa Ramirez donated $50
May 27

Go Victoria!

Paul Marino donated $250
May 27
krystal Amezcua donated $50
May 27

Very proud of you congratulations!!

angel amezcua donated $200
May 19

Carol Hill donated $25
May 17

You Rock!!!! Keep up the great job. 😀

Cendy Vides donated $25
May 15
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May 6
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May 6
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May 6
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February 9