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Science & Medicine
KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, California
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Aseel's Story

My passion is medicine.

I discovered my passion for medicine when I took Biology my freshmen year of high school. When we learned about the human body and the different systems of the body, it became very interesting to learn how the body worked. I felt inclined to learn about how things were developed and how things happened in the human body. In my Junior year, I am planning on taking AP biology to learn more concepts and advance my knowledge.

I really want to get hands on experience with this program as I've never really gotten real medical experience before. Attending Envision NYLF Medicine will help me in the future and get me closer to finding my medical career. I believe medicine is really interesting and doesn't stop growing with new technology advancing everyday. To purse my passion, I want to test my medical knowledge, learn from doctors and expanded my pathway.

A Note from Mr. Ampon, Aseel's Teacher

Aseel is interested in exploring a career in the field of medicine. By participating in Envision NYLF Medicine, Aseel can get early exposure and hopefully form an idea of where she fits in best. Additionally, Aseel is curious and engaged in her pursuit of knowledge, which makes her a great fit for any recruiting summer opportunity.

Aseel is active in the Students in Action club with other high achieving sophomores. They sometimes hold meetings in my classroom, and although they have little support in regards to structure and planning, they have worked to create a very open and collaborative environment. They often discuss ways to mobilize not just the sophomore class, but the rest of the KIPP King community. Although they are early in many of their plans, the direction is fruitful based on the investment of Aseel and her peers.

Campaign Activity
Aseel posted an update
January 18

My experience at NYLF was amazing and I can not thank you guys enough. This program helped me a get sense of what it’s like in the health field and the reality of what health providers go through on a daily basis. I’ve learned so many things from this program I did not know before and got to meet people from all over the world, which was pretty cool. This was one of the best programs I’ve attended and thank you guys again.

Aseel posted an update
July 24
Pre-Attendance Update!!

Thank you Wishbone for funding the rest of my program. I'm excited to be attending the program and obtain some hands-on experience in the medical field. I would like to thank all of the donors again, since this program would not be possible for me without them!

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May 16
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May 16

Thank you all for your fundraising efforts this year! We are happy to fund the remainder of your campaign!

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Great job so far! Keep up the fundraising!

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April 30

Hi Aseel, I hope you will enjoy the campaign :)

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April 5
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