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Liberal Arts
Orville H. Platt High School
Meriden, Connecticut
Successfully funded on March 19th, 2018!
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Amy's Story

My passion is biology. When I was younger, I loved biology. I read everything biology related that was within reach. I brought in a book about human anatomy for show and tell when I was in the first grade; I dreamed of one day becoming a doctor. As time went on, I lost focus. My mind wandered and so did my career ideals. For a while, I wanted to be an author, then a veterinarian, then a computer programmer. One day, I realized it was staring me in the face the entire time. Biology was my passion. I read more books about biology, took all the biology classes possible at my high school, and watched documentaries about biology during my free time simply because I enjoyed it. A passion for biology was in my blood, and I did not even know it.

Attending UConn Pre-College Summer Program would help me pursue my passion because it will provide more in depth knowledge about the subject. I have already taken all of the biology related classes my school offers, so there is no where to go where I am now. There are also many different course options offered. I might also be able to pinpoint the direction in biology I will take as a career, such as biochemistry or genetics. It is an amazing opportunity that should not be missed.

A Note from Mrs. Gajecki, Amy's Teacher

Amy always thinks outside of the box and helps other students with complicated topics. She is a thoughtful, intelligent, hardworking and self-motivated person who is eager to learn more about the sciences. In particular, one field of science she is very interested in is biology (bio-chem). Outside of school, she has pursued this hunger to learn more about fascinating and current topics in science. She has taken it upon herself to help me and the chemistry department as a lab technician, where Amy spends some of her free time in her hectic schedule making specific solutions to be used in lab experiments. She exhibits focus and determination. It is because of Amy's ability to work diligently in the classroom, willingness to lead and her character that I believe her future is bright, and she will be able to succeed wherever she furthers her education or passion. Therefore she is an excellent candidate for UConn Pre-College Summer Program

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Success! Mrs. Gajecki helped Amy raise $1,950
March 19
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March 19
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March 19
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February 2