Hawa has applied to attend ICC Cooking Camp for Teens this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
Young Women's Leadership School - Bronx
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on April 29th, 2018!
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Hawa's Story

My passion for culinary arts began around the age of twelve for me. My mom spent a majority of her time in the kitchen throughout my younger years which has allowed me to have a diverse palate when it comes to food. My favorite aspect of cooking is trying to create a new dish. Each taste changes into a new flavor that is more exciting than the last.

Attending International Culinary Center Cooking Camp for Teens will help me pursue my passion for culinary arts because it will hopefully improve my cooking skills. I will have the opportunity to learn more things and learn how to create dishes that aren't so basic. This program will help me in the future if I decide to become a chef. I also think it will be fun to see how other kids my age take on cooking. Unfortunately my school has been unable to offer cooking classes or even Home Economics, so gaining this opportunity will be my first chance at being hands-on in the kitchen with trained staff.

A Note from Mr. Schanz, Hawa's Teacher

Hawa is a mature, inquisitive, and driven student. I have no doubts that she would benefit tremendously from International Culinary Center Cooking Camp for Teens. I have great admiration for Hawa, because it is very clear she desires to know more about the world and experience all of the different aspects that come along with that. I have confidence she would be able to handle any challenge or obstacle thrown her way because of her drive and her ability to adapt. She is not shy in voicing her ideas or asking questions. Most importantly, she does it in a way that is respectful and thoughtful. This would be an experience that would better form her as a person, and make her the worldly, well-rounded individual I know she know desires to be. I have never directly witnessed her cook, but I do know she has a deep interest in the culinary arts and know that she will be exceptional

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Congratulations Hawa ♡

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April 14

Can't wait to see all these cooking skills next year : )

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love ya! 😘

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