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Science & Medicine
George Washington High School
San Francisco, California
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Jiehua's Story

My passion is medicine.

I am curious about the workings of life and the human body operated. I have found my inclination to pursue the healthcare field. I want to be the person who prevents future cases involving mistakes, and I don't want people to suffer unnecessary pain and trauma. In 11th grade, I started volunteering at a local hospital, I developed my growing passion for the field. It is important for me to bring treatments to others through my future career.

By attending the Stanford EXPLORE, I am excited to learn and talk with people who have the same dream as me in succeeding in helping others. I am looking forward to gaining further insight of what the medical field is like. I hope to use this opportunity to build confidence and absorb the skills and knowledge to be better prepared in what to study in college. I believe this program will take me one step closer to my dream and help me strengthen my passion to work in the medical field.

A Note from Mr. Fung, Jiehua's Counselor

Jiehua is ambitious and curious. With the limited resources she's had growing up, Jiehua has not let that get in the way of pursuing her goals. I see her in the college center at least once a week researching information and seeking advisers for help. Jiehua is a great candidate for the Stanford Explore program. She is hardworking, diligent, dedicated, bright, and has a real desire to learn and grow in this field. This would be such a great opportunity for Jiehua. I believe if she participates in this program, not only will she grow and be challenged, she will be an asset to the program.

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Great Job, Crystal!!! You're going to STANFORD! I know you are an intelligent, amiable, hard worker. I can tell by the way you work as my student and as my TA. Your work has always been of high quality. Best in your endeavor.

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