Joel has applied to attend US Sports Nike Soccer Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
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Hayward, CA
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Joel's Story

My passion is soccer.

I have a passion for soccer because that's the sport I grew up playing and I want to become a better player on the field. Playing soccer helps me to release stress and it makes me happy. I want to learn new skills from coaches in the program. Whether or not my team wins a game, I enjoy most being a part of the game itself. I feel a rush of energy when I get on the soccer field that makes me feel alive.

A Note from Mrs. Bryan, Joel's Teacher

From the beginning of my time working with Joel, I have known him to be a self-motivated student who set educational goals for himself early on. What makes him a good candidate for US Sports Nike Soccer Camps is that he has pursued these goals, 1) going to a 4 year college, and 2) going to a 4 year college that is the right fit for him, with careful consideration. His work ethic in school is steady and I have seen him take advantage, more than any others in his class, of the college tours that we have gone on. By that I mean that he hasn't just used the college tours as a day when he doesn't have to be at traditional school; a day to relax. He pays careful attention to the guides and seminars we attend and asks thoughtful questions that show he is both paying attention, and thinking ahead to his needs and how he needs to prepare in order to get into college. Joel has stated that he hopes being able to pursue his passion of soccer at the soccer camps will also support him in his pursuit of a 4 year degree by training him to be a better soccer player and thus setting him up for possible sports scholarships to help him pay for his college education. Joel is a hard working student of integrity. He deserves the opportunities attending the US Sports Nike Soccer Camps may afford him.

Campaign Activity
Joel posted an update
May 8
We made it!

I am going to be attending and practicing Soccer with Nike at UC Berkeley. I am really excited to join the program because it will allow me to get a boost in my training and conditioning into becoming a better player for when leagues and college come around. In school, there aren't many opportunities that allow me to gain important knowledge about future and how college will be like if I attend any sports team while attending college. This is a great opportunity for me to learn in detail what I will need to practice on to become a better player in and out of the field.

Attending Nike Soccer Camps will allow me to challenge myself to learn more about techniques to use inside the field. By seeing other players and coaches teaching us I will be able to learn faster and become even better. I will be able to learn more skills and techniques, and ultimately apply them while playing in the field. I hope to gain exposure to numerous coaches to learn more about the game of soccer and get pointers on what to do when I am stuck in a situation in the field.

Success! Mrs. Bryan helped Joel raise $675
April 19
Debbie MA donated $45
April 19

Good luck! Soccer is the world's game. Kick butt always!

Anonymous donated $10
April 19

I want to help see you succeed although I don't know you. You have one of the greatest teachers EVER by your side keep it up she didn't give up on me she won't give up on you.

Janel Mouillesseaux donated $25
April 19
Kyla Tillery donated $26
April 18

You can do anything you put your mind to. Never stop believing in yourself. You got this!

Anonymous donated $50
April 16
Anonymous donated $25
April 14

Best wishes pursuing your dreams.

Anonymous donated $75
April 12

Because everyone needs a little help now and then, and with the hope that this dream will come true for you Joel knowing that others believed in you... and one day you will be able to pay it forward...

Anonymous donated $25
April 12

Yaay, SOCCER!!

Lauren P Adams donated $20
April 12
Anonymous donated $100
April 12
Anonymous donated $25
April 12

Joel, I as a mother am proud of you for chasing your goals. It's not an easy thing to do when sometimes it may seem like there are so many obstacles to overcome. You can do this and I hope to receive an update saying you made it to soccer camp!

Mariana Ramos donated $5
April 8

good luck Joel i know you really want this that's why I'm helping you bro! :)

Laureen Regana donated $25
March 31

You can do it!

Anonymous donated $20
March 31

Josh, you deserve to reach your dreams. I am rooting for you and hope that you continue to aim high, work hard, and be kind.

Shyanna Bryan donated $50
March 31

Let's do this Joel!

Student Contribution donated $99
March 23
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US Sports Camps donated $50
March 23
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March 23
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