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Maria's Story

My passion is helping others and spending my free time with children..

From the very first time I noticed that I enjoyed spending time with children and helping others. I first realized this passion when my mother was sick, since she suffers from diabetes. Also, when I was volunteering and helping children. As time passed by, I noticed that my interest in helping others and spending time with children increased. I feel the most proud of myself when I get to help and deal with children because it’s my passion and interest. A career that I have in mind is being a pediatrician because I get to work with both of passions and interest. I also care deeply about being an empathetic person and spreading this empathy. I feel this way because studies have shown that children should be taught to be healthy at a young age so they’ll carry that knowledge with them as they mature.

While I have had much experience exploring the human aspect of my passion, I believe that more experience with the science and medicine aspect of my interest would be valuable. By attending Stanford EXPLORE, I will be able to determine different interests that I might have and also decide whether I am capable of pursuing those interests as a lifelong career. Moreover, I will share my experience with my friends and family because it’s important to inspire others to follow their passion and look for ways to get better in it.

Van Anh
A Note from Ms. Tran, Maria's Mentor

Maria is a good candidate for Stanford EXPLORE because she adds a unique element of empathy to all of her endeavors. She naturally draws upon the experiences of her peers and makes connections to others. While Maria has practices the human aspect of medicine, she would benefit from exploring science in more depth and breadth. Maria has excelled in her science courses and has used her abilities in logic and intuition, but she has not had the opportunity to further delve into the various fields in medicine. Our school does not provide opportunities for research in the fields of Immunology, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular Medicine, Regenerative and Stem Cell Medicine, and Cancer Biology--fields that peak Maria's interest greatly. Maria has conducted personal research into medicine, but Stanford EXPLORE would allow her to truly narrow her interest to be able to combine her innate ability of empathy with her interest in medicine and helping others.

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Maria posted an update
June 7
Excited for Stanford Explore

In a few weeks, I will be attending Stanford Explore, Stanford Explore is a lecture class that provides high school students with 4 major topics. The 4 different topics covered are: Immunology/ neuroscience, stem cell/ cardiovascular, bioengineering/ bioinformatics / genetics, and cancer/ careers in science and medicine. The 2 lectures I will be attending are immunology/neuroscience and cancer/careers in science and medicine. Attending Stanford Explore will give me a great opportunity to learn more about the different topics and see which ones engage me most. Stanford Explore will be very helpful for me because it will help me narrow down my choices and help me determine if I am interested in the field of medicine and science.

Something I am really looking forward to is meeting different people and learning about the topics I will be taking. Being able to attend Stanford Explore will make me more confident when attending college because I will have some experience on how class lectures are. Something even more exciting is that this program takes place at my dream school. Stanford Explore will be the highlight of my summer. I have been waiting for this moment since the day my best friend informed me how she spend her summer vacation at Stanford Explore. I would like to thank all the people behind the scenes at Wishbone because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have this opportunity. Thank you Wishbone for helping students pursue their passions.

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