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Business & Law
Uncommon Charter High School
Brooklyn, NY
Successfully funded on June 18th, 2015!
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Abigail's Story

My passion is seeking justice for what is right.

Enforcing the law has been my passion since last summer, when I worked at Vision Urbana as an intern with a lawyer named Judith Ortiz. Vision Urbana is an organization that mentors youth and helps the elderly community by providing free programs for them to enjoy such as yoga, field trips, and dance. Working at Vision Urbana was one of the best opportunities I have ever had because without it, my love for the law would have never evolved.

Attending NSLC Law & Advocacy will help develop my passion because I will learn how to write better reports about each case, providing me with experience that I will use in my future career as a lawyer. I will also learn a lot more about the process of trials in a courtroom, which excites me because I want to experience what lawyers go through in a courtroom. Lastly, if I attend this program, I will take advantage of every single moment and demonstrate that I believe that everyone deserves justice.

A Note from Ms. Henriquez, Abigail's Teacher

"Abigail is an incredibly hard working student with a clear vision of her goals and what it takes to attain them.

I truly believe Abigail is an excellent candidate for the NSLC Law & Advocacy program for both what she'll take from the program and what she will be able to contribute. Abigail's participation in this program will help her develop the skills she needs to be successful in the rest of her high school and college career, particularly her communication skills. Abigail will contribute her experience as a Latina, fully fluent in Spanish and with immigrant parents, which will undoubtedly provide an important perspective to her work in the program."

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Success! Ms. Henriquez helped Abigail raise $3,245
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