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Liberal Arts
Port Chester High School
Port Chester, NY
Successfully funded on April 12th, 2017!
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Nicole's Story

My passion is psychology.

At a young age, I was a victim of bulling and I saw some of my classmates getting bullied, too. I decided to approach the other victims and try to get them to open up to me. From that point on, I started to enjoy helping students that are going through the same thing. When you have the ability to change somebody's mindset into a positive one, then of course, you should try to help them! Being able to use words and help someone see a difficult situation in a different perspective is amazing. To this day, people come to vent to me because they know I will help them realize the valuable things in life. My passion for psychology continues to grow today and I'm excited at the opportunity of going to Centenary Summer Scholars.

A Note from Ms. Mitchell, Nicole's Mentor

Nicole has a strong passion for psychology and would benefit greatly from attending the Centenary Summer Scholars program. Nicole does not have a lot experience outside of her hometown and having the opportunity to be around other students that share a passion for psychology could help Nicole decide her future college major.

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Success! Ms. Mitchell helped Nicole raise $995
April 12
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April 12

Q Diosito t bendiga mija ojalá q puedas lograr tus metas sigue Adelante y nunca dejes de soñar

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April 11

Primero la bendición de Dios llegaras muy lejos bonita , con la ayuda de tu familia y las personas que las queremos !! 😘😘

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April 10

Is always good to help other.

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April 7
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April 7

Good luck!

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April 6

Hi Nikki,
I can't believe how beautiful and talented you have become. Best of luck to you. You are fortunate to have your mom as an allied.

Jennie and Lucas

Jenny Suarez donated $100
April 6

I love you Nicky 😘😘

sandro Rosario donated $50
April 6

Helping other is our duty as a citizen of any great nation.

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April 6
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April 5

Good luck girl,

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March 21
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February 1