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Science & Medicine
Summit Public Schools - Rainier
San Jose, CA
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Jowie's Story

My passion is medicine.

Since I was a kid, all I've ever wanted was to become a doctor. My dad's side of the family suffers from diabetes, while my mom's side has a history of cancer. Despite these challenges, my mom inspired me to take care of the sick because she is a care giver. I want to be like her and help other people with illnesses, but I want to do even more than that; I want to be able to tell them what is wrong with them and help prescribe treatment.

Attending Stanford EXPLORE will develop my passion by teaching me things that will help me become a doctor in the near future. I will be able to share my experience and the things I will learn in the program with others, especially my friends and family. It's important that I inspire others to follow their passion.

The biggest obstacle that I've faced is when I moved to the United States from the Philippines. I was in 6th grade, and I had a hard time making friends because I didn't know how to speak English fluently. I felt hopeless at the time because no one understood how hard it was, but I overcame it and studied hard to improve my English.

A Note from Mr. Zisman, Jowie's Mentor

"Jowie has made explicit that she hopes to go into medicine. She is a very caring person, and I am sure that her desire to pursue medicine stems from her desire to help people. Stanford EXPLORE will allow her to apply her academic skills while exploring the scientific components of a medical career.

I think that the most valuable experiences for Jowie will come from being in a collegiate environment. For Jowie, Wishbone is a rare opportunity to grow independently. She will have the chance to form social networks and investigate new academic fields with the freedom that most college students enjoy."

Campaign Activity
Jowie posted an update
August 31
Summer at Stanford Explore

After a month in the Stanford Explore program, I have learned that there is more to medicine than I thought there way. I learned different areas in the field that I thought I would not be interested in. The different topics gave me a general idea of what I really want to do and how long it will take. During the lectures, I noticed that I was more into organs than the things I couldn't see without a microscope. I had the opportunity to see and touch organs like a heart, brain, lungs, and etc. My favorite part of the program was when we studied the heart and the brain. It was the most interesting for me to study, and I was very intrigued during our lectures. Throughout the program, we had the chance to ask what it's like being a medical student, doctor, and scientist. The presenters were even open to talk about their life and how they got to where they are now. I am very inspired by the ones who really shared their stories. Some who never thought of being what they are now and the ones who could not do what they wanted to but did not give up. They searched for new and better opportunities and that led them to success. As I go on with my life, I will forever treasure this experience because it has taught me so much, and I've met people that really inspired me to not give up on my dream.

Jowie posted an update
June 25
Excited for Stanford Explore

In the month of July, I will be attending Stanford Explore, which is a lecture class for current high school students. It consists of 4 major topics which are: Immunology/Neuroscience, Stem Cell/Cardiovascular, Bioengineering/Genetics, and Cancer/Careers in Science and Medicine. As a 16 year old, I do not really know what I want to major in so, this gives me a great opportunity to browse other topics that I might find interest in. This program will be very beneficial for me since it will narrow down my choices within the field of science and medicine.

I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning new subjects. Having a taste of college life will definitely boost up my confidence in being ready to take on college itself. Especially because the program is at my dream school: Stanford University. I believe that Stanford Explore will be the highlight of this year for me. I have been waiting for this since the day I finished all the requirements. I am very thankful to all the people behind Wishbone because if it was not for them, I would not be blessed with this great opportunity.

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