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Technology & Engineering
Cristo Rey High School San Jose
San Jose, California
Successfully funded on May 11th, 2018!
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Sean's Story

My passion is game design.

I have had a passion for game design and gaming design since I was young. When I was child, I started playing games on my computer. These were flash games like Territory War, Super Guitar Deluxe 4, AQworlds, and many others that I can't seem to remember at this point. After that, I was able to obtain a DS and play all the different DS games like Pokemon, TWEWY and etc. At the present, I would be able to enjoy playing games like Undertale, Paladins, and Minecraft. All these games brought me entertainment and joy throughout my life. Now, I am interested in how games are made. I want to be able to create games myself and bring other people the same joy I got from playing video games. I want to be able to create games that would bring the player fun and entertainment.

iD Tech Camp will be very beneficial for me because I will learn valuable computer skills for my future career. The present age is filled with technology, and any experience with computers could be very beneficial. The many different computer skills that the camp teaches will help me achieve my goal to create enjoyable games for others to play. For example, engineering and robotics are fields that this camp is involved with and those things are definitely helpful in the long run. This experience would also help me test out my ideas to see how other people would react. The feedback from other camp mates would be able to teach me how to make a good game that appeals to others. The computer skills that I will learn in this computer camp will definitely help me in the gaming design path that I am taking.

A Note from Ms. Wenzel, Sean's Counselor

Sean is an excellent student but has not been exposed to opportunities to pursue his passion. He would greatly benefit from hands-on experiences in the computer science and technology field to see if it is field he is interested in pursuing. He is an extremely capable student and would be an asset to any classroom.

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