Roberto has applied to attend US Sports Contact Football Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Orville H. Platt High School
Meriden, Connecticut
Successfully funded on March 28th, 2018!
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Roberto's Story

The spark that started my passion for football was back in 3rd grade. I was part of the Meriden Mighty Mites football team, playing my last game in Hartford. We had been undefeated the whole season with a 8-0 record. I came ready to play with the determination to beat the other team. My family was on the side with their cameras recording and taking pictures. Once I put my helmet on to start the game, nothing else mattered. It was just me and my job, which was tackling anyone that crossed the line of scrimmage. As hard as I was fighting, 4 quarters went by and we were down 0-7 the whole game. Kids were crying and very sad that we did not complete that 9-0 record. I was upset but on the inside I was feeling something else. I thought that I have to get faster, stronger, and better.

The US Sports Contact Football Camps will provide an opportunity to not only mentally prepare for future seasons on the field but will also help me get better as a player. Football has always been a sport I put my heart, sweat, and tears in. This opportunity is what will help me reach what I desire most for my future. Every day I think what could make me better as a football player and this is the perfect answer. I feel this program will bring me farther than I never knew in life.

A Note from Mr. Laskowski, Roberto's Coach

Roberto is a fantastic candidate for the US Contact Football Camps because he is a student and player that will glean every ounce of potential from himself. He is very disciplined and possess a great work ethic. He is self motivated and very coachable. He asks questions that are appropriate to the subject and receives feedback in a positive way with a solid growth mindset.

Campaign Activity
Roberto posted an update
May 14

I am super psyched to know that this camp is just around the corner! I am very thankful for all of those who have helped make this come true. This will be the highlight of my summer, and I just can’t wait till it starts. Thank you again with tons of joy!

Success! Mr. Laskowski helped Roberto raise $535
March 28
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March 28

Your application essays were very thoughtful!

Joe Laskowski donated $25
March 26

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March 21

I wanted to help Roberto due to the recommendation from his coach (my son), Joe.

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Brian Cruess donated $100
March 21

I'm a former Panther football player and current coach of youth football. I always want to help young players who have the drive to succeed.

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March 19
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March 19
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March 19
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February 2