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Port Chester High School
Port Chester, NY
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jada's Story

My passion is marine science.

I discovered my passion for marine science when I was a little kid. I would always love to be in the water and swim around, but I also loved animals. As I grew older, I realized I love traveling and reading about new or endangered species. I knew that being part of marine science would let me be with animals and be in the water. I could also save an endangered animal and keep it from becoming extinct or hurt in any way.

Attending Project Oceanology Ocean Camp will help me pursue my passion for marine science by doing what I love. Doing hand-on activities at this camp will teach me a better than just watching it.

A Note from Mr. Capalbo, jada's Mentor

Jada is an excellent candidate for Project Oceanology Ocean Camp because she's a fast learner, she's intrinsically motivated, and she works very well with others. She loves to learn new things, especially related to science and the environment, and she works tirelessly to achieve her goals.

Campaign Activity
jada posted an update
September 8
Attending project oceanology ocean camp

I attended the Project Oceanology Ocean Camp this summer. During my experience at the ocean camp I met a lot of new friends and learned a lot more about the ocean environment. Everybody at this camp was so nice and didn't really care where you came from or what you looked like they cared more on personality. During my experience I've got to learn about new equipment and new species that where on the coast of Long Island sound. Sometimes the day wasn't really nice to do anything outside so we stayed inside and did stuff in the lab. One of the days we had movie night so we all got together in our pajamas and sat on the floor and watched a movie. And then another day we took the boat out to the beach then we walked to Dairy Queen. When the week was over and it was time to go home I was sad because I knew I would miss all of my new friends and all of the memories we made together just in 1 week. But I would love to go back to this camp next year.

jada posted an update
May 8
Attending Project Oceanology Ocean Camp

I am going to be participating in the Project Oceanology Ocean Camp this summer. I am really excited to be joining the program because it will give me a chance to work with Ocean life. I feel that in the area I live in there's not a lot of opportunities given to study marine life. I think that this program will be the only way I can physically work with marine life. I think that this program will help me develop new information and also help me with the way I study marine life.

I am looking forward to working with other kids my age and sharing information that I already know and receiving advice about information that I didn't know. I chose this program because I have always love to be in the water and I love all the animals that live in it. Ever since I was very young, I constantly thought of saving the animals or being one of the first people to discover new species. I believe that participating in this program will help me decide on whether or not I want to major in marine biologist when I grow up or not.

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