Ke'Ara has applied to attend FIDM 3 Days of Fashion this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Oakland Technical High School
Oakland, CA
Successfully funded on May 20th, 2015!
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Ke'Ara's Story

My passion is making new outfits with old clothes.

Attending FIDM 3 Days of Fashion will help me become more in love with fashion and teach me new skills. I want to learn more about how to make clothes, how to produce clothes, and about the fashion industry in general.

Attending this program through Wishbone will help me get to know people better and make friends more easily because we will all have the same thing in common. I will bring communication skills, leadership skills, and fashion experience, which I've developed through my school's FADA (fashion institute) program and through my business team at BUILD.

A Note from Ms. Rosales, Ke'Ara's

"Ke'Ara has not only demonstrated great commitment to the BUILD program but also tremendous dedication, interest, and expertise in the fashion industry. In fact, Ke'Ara's BUILD business team launched a t-shirt business called PocketUp, in which Ke'Ara serves as the Vice President of Manufacturing and Design. In this role, Ke'Ara has taken care of the bulk of production because she is one of the only team members who knows how to sew. In recognition of Ke'Ara's interest and experience in the fashion industry, I think that the FIDM 3 Days of Fashion program would be a fantastic opportunity for Ke'Ara."

Campaign Activity
Ke'Ara posted an update
June 25
Excited for FIDM 3 days of fashion

I just want to take the time out and say thank you for my donations and for letting me be a part of the program. I chose to sign up for the program because I love to buy clothes, so when I joined my school's fashion program it gave me more of a idea of what it takes to make clothes and that it's not an easy task. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and stepping out of my comfort zone. Something I hope to learn from this experience is to trust my work because there have been times when I have made something but doubted myself cause it didn't look like the one in the picture. I'm so excited to attend FIDM 3 days of fashion in San Francisco, California. Thanks again for the amazing opportunity!


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Happy to be part of a community where art thrives!

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May 13
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May 7