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Lighthouse Community Charter School
Oakland, CA
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Connie's Story

My passion is writing and gender studies.

I discovered my passion for writing and storytelling when I was able to express my feelings through creating writing. I realized that writing is a powerful tool because you can always convey an important message, and change the way people see the world. I feel very motivated to spread my word through writing, during my 10th grade humanities class I wrote an essay to show how gender inequality was creating an educational gap between genders. Informing others on this topic made me feel powerful, because I was spreading the word that was once previously silenced. As the year has progressed, so has my love for writing. Being able to educate others on important topics such as gender education gaps, opened the door for me to express myself in many other ways especially through my writing. A goal of mine is to be able to help minorities' voices be heard.

A Note from Ms. Baumert, Connie's Teacher

Connie continues to be someone that is interested in her own growth. She is aware that grades will only take you so far. The subjects that she selects to write on are varied and complex and often require a willingness to get uncomfortable with the research. I have seen Connie push her own writing time and time again. Despite being a strong writer she advocates with peers and adults alike to take her writing to new levels.

Campaign Activity
Connie posted an update
August 4
My experience at NTLP

My experience at NTLP was amazing. I met people who came from all over the world and the program overall was very diverse. In this program I heard people give very motivational speeches that made me analyze myself as a person and we had many workshops that allowed us to see how diverse we were all from each other. This program wasn't only serious topics and they included many fun activities such as a hymnodist show, obstacle course group games and a dance that allowed everyone to come out of their comfort zones. All in all this was an unforgettable experience.

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April 16
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April 16
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Hi Connie, I am glad you found your passion and you are taking every opportunity to develop it! Keep working hard! This world needs a lot of young women like you. Best, Petra

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February 1