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Fine Arts
Berkeley High School
Berkeley, CA
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Mayorie's Story

My passion is art.

Ever since I was a little girl I liked to draw, mainly because it kept me grounded in the present which helped me better listen to my teachers and peers during class. My dad instilled in me the beauty and significance in art which inspired me to take an Advanced Digital Photography class during both my freshman and sophomore year. In that class, I learned not only about photography, but the numerous ways of self-expression.

Taking that class opened my eyes to all the different unique pieces of art which individually have a distinct story to tell. The amount of thought and creativity that goes into each piece is fascinating, but what sparked my interest and excitement for art was its range. Art can mean different things for different people, but it all revolves around the idea of self-expression.

A Note from Mr. Berent, Mayorie's Teacher

Mayorie is an outstanding candidate for studying visual arts at Academy of Art. She is motivated, thoughtful, and hard working. I think she will take full advantage of the opportunity to explore and further her artistic skills. She took both my Intro to Digital Photography class and my advanced class as a sophomore at Berkeley High School. She showed how hard she was willing to work and creating a very strong portfolio of work. She never complains about having to work hard and has demonstrated that she has the desire to reach for her dreams despite exceptional hardship and financial struggles. She will be an asset to this program.

Campaign Activity
Mayorie posted an update
August 8
My Experience Was Awesome

I met so many people from distinct backgrounds in my program that shared the same interests as I did which was really cool. In all of my classes, everyone got along really well and the work environment was very focused but fun at the same time. The teachers were really nice and funny too. They really connected with the students and payed attention our learning process. It was fun going to a new city and meeting new people. This summer was most definitely one of my favorite summers ever.

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