Kelly has applied to attend UConn Pre-College Summer Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Francis T. Maloney High School
Meriden, Connecticut
Successfully funded on April 22nd, 2018!
Fully funded!
$1,950 raised
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Kelly's Story

My passion is animals.
When I was younger, I was personally impacted by animal therapy. I was able to connect with a horse through horse therapy, and soon fell in love with animals. I want to give back to animals for all the things they do to help people, especially horses. I want to learn more about the anatomy of horses and how they affect their movements.

Attending UConn Pre-College Summer Program will help me pursue my passion for Veterinary Science by letting me learn more about animals and by letting me learn how to help the animals. Many animals in today's world are abused and beaten, I want to help them get back to health and live a better life.

A Note from Ms. Roncaioli, Kelly's Counselor

Kelly is a great candidate for UConn Pre-College Summer Program because she is hardworking and she cares about this area. She is a kid who would dream of attending something like this but may not have the means. She is kind to everyone that she meets and makes me smile every time I see her. She recently started a campaign in the school to write letters to a student she knows who got bullied. She is a great kid who completely deserves this opportunity.

Kelly is extremely passionate about animals. She works hard at the stables to keep her horse in good care. She feels the happiest when spending time with her horse. She uses her horse as a form of self-care which makes her even more passionate about veterinary science.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Roncaioli helped Kelly raise $1,950
April 22
Chester Rogers donated $100
April 22

WE are so Very Proud of You
Don’t ever stop believing in your Self
Good Luck
Keep that passion in the love of all
Love Dad , Mom

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March 31

I love you sis

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March 25

Kelly, I am so proud of you!

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March 22

I wish you the best of luck Kelly and have fun! My algebra 1 students voted to donate to your wishbone campaign.

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March 19
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March 19
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March 19
Kelly was accepted into Wishbone!
February 2