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Science & Medicine
Galileo Academy of Science and Technology
San Francisco, California
Successfully funded on May 16th, 2018!
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Caiyan's Story

My passion is biology.

Biology is the foundation of life, and understanding how and why life forms are created and interact with one another fascinates me. Attending Camp SEA Keepers of the Coast will allow me to experience the magic of biology first hand. This will be an important experience for me because I will be in a new environment, surrounded by peers who share the same love of biology and the environment as me.

A Note from Ms. Kong, Caiyan's Counselor

The opportunity for Caiyan to join Camp SEA Keepers of the Coast will immensely contribute to her overall personal growth. Caiyan is at the phase where she is still discovering her interests. This is a great learning experience to empower her in stepping out of her comfort zone to learn more about herself and the world around her. She is an eager student that puts all her effort forward to commit to her responsibilities.

Campaign Activity
Caiyan posted an update
August 16
Wishbone summer experience

Camp SEA Lab was a very fun and fascinating experience for me. I got to learned the rudimentary of what marine biologist do. I got the chance to acquire more understanding about this field from staffs and all of the hands-on activities. From the program, I also learned the importance of ocean life and ways to prevent furthermore harm to ocean life. Aside from education, I also tryout many recreational activities like surfing, kayaking, and tidepooling. In the end, I found this program both entertaining and helpful.

Caiyan posted an update
May 17
Pre-Attendance Update

I am happy to attend Camp SEA Keepers of the Coast. I am activated to tryout all the activities this summer.

Success! Ms. Kong helped Caiyan raise $900
May 16
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May 16

Thank you all for your fundraising efforts this year! We are happy to fund the remainder of your campaign!

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April 5
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April 5
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April 5
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February 1