Maria has applied to attend Sur La Table Teen Cooking Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
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Maria's Story

My passion is cooking.

Ever since I was a little girl, I would help my mom or grandma around the kitchen. I remember that whenever my mom would make some kind of dessert I would always be there helping her to either mix ingredients together or decorate sugar cookies. Cooking is a way for me to get distracted from the outside world. I watch how each chef has their own technique and how they are able to create beautiful works of art. I hope that one day I can learn to do the same.

Attending Sur La Table Summer Cooking Series will help me grow as a person and learn to cook and create creative dishes for friends and family. It will benefit me in the future because I hope to one day be able to teach other people what I have learned.

A Note from Ms. Goldberg, Maria's Teacher

"Maria is the most organized and dedicated teenager I know. Although English is her second language, she works so hard to be fluent in two languages. She loves to bring people together with her passion for organizing groups and helping others learn. She puts others before herself often and really wants to use her culture and food to help others come together more and more.

Maria wants to use food as a means to bring people together and share her talents and desires. Sur La Table Summer Cooking Series will expand how she works with others and how she uses her talents in the kitchen. It will give her a chance to really explore if this is a career she wants."

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April 29

I have first hand witnessed how good you are at cooking, and I know it is something you like so I would love for you to persue that passion. You work hard and I know this trip will really help you grow as a chef and person. Echale muchas ganas, te deseo lo mejor en este proyecto que te has propuesto y en todos los que tengas. Mucho éxito!

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April 26
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April 9


This is from your Tio Joe and Tia Maria.

Salvador Cruz donated $50
April 5

Hi Cousin,
I know we don't interact very much because of our distance but know that I am very proud of you on your acceptance to Sur La Table summer academy. Continue to follow your dreams and never stop. I'm sure your Mom and Dad are extremely proud of you. Love you and best of luck to you. P.S Looking forward to one of your dishes.
Tu Primo Chava.

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