Jesus has applied to attend Outward Bound California this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
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Leadership Public Schools - Hayward
Hayward, CA
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Jesus's Story

My passion is leadership development.

My passion for nature started at a young age. I always love to go for hikes, and spend time outdoors. The Outward Bound California program will be a great way to combine my passion for nature with my desire to develop my leadership skills.

A Note from Ms. Ferguson, Jesus's Teacher

Jesus is a leader in his grade and he does so without being loud and all about himself. He has a passion for learning, and for being great . Yet, due to lack of resources he has not had the best chance to harvest these interests and passions and really put them to practical and future use. He takes each lesson and grows from it. He is one of the few students that I have that will say, "I was doing more research on that topic yesterday." His relationship with his peers and the respect from the staff he is a student who needs to know more and do more. That is what makes him the happiest.

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Jesus posted an update
May 8
Outward Bound California

I am going to be participating in Outward Bound California this summer. I am extremely fulfilled to be joining the program because it will give me a challenging journey that will make this adventure worthwhile and beneficial. My opinion of this opportunity I have at hand is one that I know I shall and won't take for granted because rarely do we have time to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate everything that our world provides to us without technology. I think that this program will help me develop my leadership and perseverance by unraveling skills and virtues to increase my personality.

I am anxious on working with a team of people my age committing to a journey this difficult because they can be very beneficial coming with no predictions on what might occur that could impact me. I chose this program because I have loved the outdoors since I was born. Having a childhood in my backyard or in any type of park being adventure park of wildlife. This caused me to love seeking new sights compared to the same perspective I got at home. I believe that participating in this program will help me develop greater skills on how to have complete trust in myself by challenging myself to generate enough motivation and grit to keep going. These traits are some of many I do not say that I will use in my everyday life.

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May 2
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April 13

Congrats on being accepted into this program, I know this will be a great opportunity for you! Good Luck :)

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