Dhakkiyya has applied to attend SOCAPA Core Digital and Darkroom Photography this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on May 9th, 2018!
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Dhakkiyya's Story

My passion is photography. I take pictures to remind myself of how beautiful the world around us is, as well as documenting the fun that comes with life. I also love sharing my photographs to bring the same sense of joy to others that they bring to me.

Attending SOCAPA Core Digital and Darkroom Photography will help me pursue my passion for photography by introducing me to the beauty and mystery this world has to offer. Too many times the beautiful nature of earth is hidden by the sadness and pain of the people suffering in it. Many are too focused on what is going wrong that they can't see what is going right and is making them happy. I am sometimes like these people but photography brings me back to my center and helps me realize what good natural beauty I have in my life. Photography is the peace that I sometimes seek when I am over-stressed or overwhelmed with school work and housework. Photography keeps me balanced and happy. SOCAPA will help me find the meaning and story behind every picture and look through the eyes of the photographer.

A Note from Ms. Everhart, Dhakkiyya's Teacher

Dhakkiyya is in love with photography! Unfortunately, the school does not have the resources to provide equipment for students who are interested in this form of art. Instead of giving up on her passion to become a photographer, Dhakkiyya uses her phone to creatively capture moments with a unique perspective.

Dhakkiyya will greatly benefit from participating in SOCAPA Core Digital and Darkroom Photography because all students deserve the ability to explore their passions to the full extent regardless of circumstance. With this program, Dhakkiyya will enjoy the privilege and opportunity to explore her passion for photography without the hindrance of her financial circumstance.

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We are thrilled to support your journey as photographer!

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Go Dhakkiyya! Your career as an intrepid reporter is just beginning....

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