Tylik has applied to attend Honor Code! U.S. Military Academy Camp this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School
Brooklyn, NY
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Tylik's Story

My passion is leadership.

I would like to participate in Honor Code! U.S. Military Academy Camp because it builds on leadership. Being in this environment will help me improve my leadership skills and be inspired by positive leaders. I am ready to apply myself in order to improve my communication and teamwork skills.

I look forward to meeting new people and preparing for the real world ahead of me, as I have never experienced life outside of my home. My dream is to one day become an FBI agent. After researching more about this, I saw that I will need three to four years of professional work experience, which this program will help prepare me for.

A Note from Ms. Harriell, Tylik's Teacher

"What sets Tylik apart from his peers is his dedication to improve. On any given day, you can find Tylik meeting with teachers before and after school, as well as during is lunch period. He is not afraid to ask questions and to seek outside resources for help. He works well in with his peers and has encouraged the start of several study groups in Advisory and Study Hall.

Tylik Andrews is a good candidate for Honor Code! U.S. Military Academy Camp because he is committed to personal success, aspires to be an FBI agent, and is a model of American patriotism. Socially, he is looked upon by the staff and students of the Uncommon Collegiate community as a leader and as a model of perseverance. Participating in Honor Code! would provide him with opportunities that he otherwise would not be able to access to due to the many obstacles he faces both inside and outside of the school setting."

Campaign Activity
Tylik posted an update
October 1
Fun experience at West Point

Here at West Point Academy I really enjoyed what it meant to be a cadet. The first night at West Point was just a warm up for getting to know people. The second day was a tour of campus and a meeting with the admissions staff. Through the admission, I learned how to get into West Point and also took the physical test. This was a life changer for me because I not only had a great experience, but I also have a college to add to my list as well. The second to last day was paint balling , this was a challenge because it was my first experience paint balling, and I did pretty well. Overall, I'm excited and look forward to the school year.

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June 6

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