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Technology & Engineering
Aspire Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy
Oakland, California
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Jeovanny's Story

My passion is engineering.

My passion for engineering has come a long way throughout the years. Ever since I can remember engineering has been something that has fascinated me and this can be attributed to my deep interest of Audio-Animatronics. Audio-Animatronics are complex and lifelike robots typically used for theme park rides, and I've always had the desire to one day become the person behind the creation of one. To be exact, the Audio-Animatronics that initiated this passion of mine are the Seven Dwarfs Animatronics located in Walt Disney World, Florida. What makes these Animatronics special to me is that these are not only so incredibly life like, Walt Disney, but these were the first ones that have projected on faces and features. After researching and watching videos on the work that goes into designing, programming, and building an Animatronic I know that Engineering is the career pathway that I personally want to follow.

I am convinced that iD Tech Camps will give me a chance of a lifetime and help me further my knowledge in the Engineering field. For example, if i'm able to attend this camp then I would be eager to take the Robotic courses. Knowing how to build robots will not only give me a feeling of pride and accomplishment, but it will allow me to give life to an object that otherwise would just be pieces of metal and cables. My passion will be developed because robots have never failed to impress me and always leave me with a feeling of astonishment.

A Note from Ms. Gueye, Jeovanny's Teacher

Jeo has always showed his high interest and motivation to excel in all aspects of school. He consistently seeks out extra opportunities for exposure to engineering whenever he can. For these reasons, I believe Jeovanny would highly benefit from participating in iD Tech Camps this summer.

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Best of luck, Jeovanny!

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Proud of you , Jeo! So glad you are investing your time in this great program this summer

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