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Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School
San Jose, CA
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Jesus's Story

My passion is soccer.

As a young child I learned the ways of soccer. During school I was always on the school soccer team or even during lunch I would be playing with my friends. I noticed this was my passion when I would be in front of my Tv watching soccer. When I was on the field kicking the ball around, and when I knew I could bring people together for the same passion. Inspired by my dad, I remain in my pursuit to become a better student, a role model, and most of all a better soccer player

As I mentioned earlier I am still on the pursuit to become a better soccer player. I am currently on the school soccer team but there are too many players. I often may not get to play against tough teams. This also leads to not getting enough one on one advice. For example, most of the time our coach works on improving the whole team and does not have time to be focusing on everyone individually. This is wear this camp comes in, this can give the personal coaching I need.

My biggest obstacle has been lack of time. This has lead to not getting enough sleep, which leads to being tired at school. Lack of time, also affects me through my parents. Many times my parents are also busy and do not have time to take me places. Although I am aware of this, I still have lots of commitments which forces my parents to be my source of transportation. Now that I go to school I am provided with a bus pass and try not to bother my parents. I also now take the precautions of planning things headed of time. One thing that helps me is making an agenda, and reminders.

A Note from Ms. Miller, Jesus's Teacher

Jesus is a solid young man who knows himself and is confident in himself. He is intentionally respectful and responsible. In class he takes ownership of his own learning, asking for clarification when necessary and seeking extra assistance as needed. He is kind, gentle, sweet, and playful. As a new student at Cristo Rey Jesus had a hard time in the beginning because alliances were already formed last year. I watched how he acted - he didn't compromise his dignity and do stupid immature things to fit in, he held his head high and treated everyone (classmates, in-coming freshmen, teachers, staff, and volunteers). Jesus is dedicated to soccer. He is proud to wear his uniform and takes practice seriously. He seriously wants to develop his talent and puts in the energy and effort that is required. He knows that sacrifices must be made if he goes down this path and Jesus is very eager to take it on!

I have been a high school teacher for 20 years. I have taught many wonderful kids - and I am honest in saying that Jesus is in the top 25%. For me - that's remarkable because I love all my students.

Jesus stood out to me because of his dignified manner. He looks you straight in the eye, shakes your hand firmly, speaks calmly and confidently. He never takes cheap shots like other students often do. His self-image is grounded in his values, his abilities, and his faith. His behavior is appropriate at all times, which is a relief for a teacher.

This program would be exceptional for Jesus. He needs a program that will allow him to excel - allow him to shine. I guarantee that everyone who interacts with him will cherish him.

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Jesus, my best it reaching your goal to attend this event and all your life endeavors. You have a lot of folks that believe in your capabilities and promise.

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