Ariana has applied to attend Saint Rose Pre-College Summer Experience: Visual Arts this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
New Haven Academy
New Haven, CT
Successfully funded on May 17th, 2016!
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Ariana's Story

My passion is art.

I was in the seventh grade. I remember that I was scrolling through my laptop at the time watching different anime, and being mesmerized by them. I loved the colors and the body structure of the characters. That was when it made get the idea what I want to do. That's when art started to become a great impact in my life. That's why I want to study animation because I want to be likes those animators. Creating different stories that would inspire people just like myself who love art.

This would help me deeply because I really want to be an animation director, l but I don't have the foundation as a traditional artist. I'm basically a self-taught artist, so I wasn't taught the basics. Right now I'm taking art classes in Connecticut, but by attending this program would benefit me even more because I'm really determined to be the best at what I'm passionate about. I love art, it helps me be myself and express who I'm truly am as a person. This would truly benefit me because I can also can get the sense what it truly would be like in an art college.

A Note from Ms. Soadwa, Ariana's Mentor

Ariana is an excellent candidate for Saint Rose Pre-College Summer Experience: Visual Arts because she is one of the most persistent students I've ever met. When she wants something, she will ask questions and be intentional about getting what she wants and needs. Where some students might stop, she keeps pressing on, especially when it comes to taking on a leadership role. She LOVES leading thoughtful and engaging exercises amongst her Dream Team members (part of the program I work with her in) and thrives best when she has a leadership role opportunity. She will benefit most from the intense structure of the program and learning how to critique art using the language of art and design. This is critical because as she transitions into making art a career rather than a hobby/self-taught experience, she will need to know how to express herself in a way that is competitive and that sets her apart from others.

Campaign Activity
Ariana posted an update
June 8
Thank you so much

I would like to thank everyone who have donated money for me to attend the College of Saint Rose Visual Arts Program. This is an amazing opportunity because my dream of being an artist will come true. I will use the skills that I will be learning at this program in my career as an artist.

Success! Ms. Soadwa helped Ariana raise $2,125
May 17
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May 17
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April 14
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January 29