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Justin's Story

My passion is medicine.

I am dedicated to pursuing medicine because I want to help people more in the future. Whenever I help people, it feels great that I can do something for them. I understand that in order to help more people, I will need to know more about medicine. I have noticed in my life that people are in pain, and I want to help them. I felt powerless during Cross Country, when one of my teammates got a shin-split and I could do nothing to help, but just watch. I had an urge to help her, but I just didn't know what to do. This is why I want to pursue medicine, to have the knowledge and be able to help many people in the future.

I will learn from the experience at National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine, and I will apply it in real life, so instead of being powerless, I can make a difference. I will be motivated even more when I attend this event.

A Note from Ms. Hyman, Justin's Teacher

"I think Justin is a great candidate for Wishbone and National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine because he has a clear goal his is passionate about and dedicated to achieving. I have never seen Justin back down from a challenge, and this will be no exception. Through the ability to network with his peers with similar passions, as well as the possibility to make connections with other people, Justin will be exposed to amazing opportunities, which he will undoubtedly take full advantage of. Having a preview into his dream profession will only allow Justin to become even more focused and passionate about his dreams in the medical field."

Campaign Activity
Justin posted an update
August 17
A Big Experience At NYLF

During my stay at CSU East Bay, I have learned a lot about different types of medical professions. Some medical professions are ophthalmologist (area of medicine that focuses on diseases of the eye and and structure around the eye), podiatrist (area of medicine that focuses on diagnosis and treatment of the foot), and dermatology (area of medicine that focuses on skin conditions). Envision also gave us a student handbook that has information about careers in health care, taking a patient’s medical history, and information about what to do in a disaster triage. In the nine days of the program, there were many guest speakers that talked to us about medicine. One guest speaker in particular talked about how her brother died in a car accident and was an organ donor. So, her brother saved the life of a child who needed an organ (his kidney matched the child’s needs). Her story amazes me because of how someone could save a life by becoming an organ donor. We also learned a lot through medical sessions. In the medical sessions, we had a caucus about whether we should do animal testing or not and also we had a disaster triage simulation. We also went to shadow a podiatrist hospital at Samuel Merritt University and learned about the brain and the nervous system. I had also learned that the MCAT test is changing and is going to be longer with more content. I know that the medical field is very competitive and rigorous, but I am willing to put in effort to reach my goal. Overall, this program has helped me realized that I want to become a pediatrician even more.

Justin posted an update
June 25
Looking forward to the medical program

I am excited to attend NYLF Medicine for a week, where I get to learn how doctors help save people using their knowledge. I also get an opportunity to see what doctors do on a day to day basis. Although there may be some challenges, such as the fact that I do not know a lot about medicine right now, I will overcome this by asking doctors some clarifying questions to gain a better understanding about medicine. Helping others is my passion, but I need knowledge in order to help someone, which is why I chose this program. I am looking forward to gaining as much knowledge about medicine as I can, so I am able to help more people in the future.

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February 12
Simon Yu donated $610
February 12

Hi Justin:

It has been an honor and my pleasure of being able to help. I always like to see
young people who entertain great inspiration, especially from Chinese youths as I was also originated from China.

I admired your interest in medicines as I am a Parkinson Disease victim myself.
I wish your studies may find cause and cures of the disease in future.

So, keep up the good work. God bless you.


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Science rocks. Medicine is the key to our future as humans. Keep going!

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