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Liberal Arts
Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
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Daniel's Story

My passion is engineering.

I found my passion for bioengineering because of my interest in geometry and algebra, learning about biology and chemistry, and then building new items that require skills in both areas. These subjects are my favorites. Math was a challenge when I first arrived at Collegiate Charter High School: I struggled in Algebra, but learned to study and work hard. Now that I am in Geometry, it is very fun and I feel that the subject is easy to understand. Science has been one of my passions, and I was always fascinated by how cells work and their function in the human body. In learning about bonding between atoms and how these functions work together, I discovered how intricate bioengineering is, and how it combines engineering, mathematics, and science into one program.

I believe that attending LMU Pre-College Summer Program will help me pursue my passion for Bioengineering. I will have the chance to take rigorous classes on a campus with other students who are up for the challenge. I learn best when I am pushed, so attending this program will challenge my education and I will learn more than I would in any other place. In addition, the university is known for their “hands-on” approach which would show me what bioengineering will be like when I go to college. I will be hands on with mechanics, mathematics, and science combined. Attending the program will be a unique opportunity for me, and I know that I will not take it for granted.

A Note from Ms. Jackson, Daniel's Counselor

Daniel is very passionate about math and science and has developed a particular interest in robotics and engineering. He is a founding member of our robotics team, a standout student in math, and a leader in his science classes. Daniel is very eager for the opportunity to explore engineering -- and bioengineering specifically -- in a more hands-on way, and I fully support him in this pursuit.

Campaign Activity
Daniel posted an update
September 15
I Miss LMU

It was great. All the hands on activity and the college classes I had was a great experience to enjoy. However, since it was the last day and I am now back home, I miss everyone who went. I got connected to all the people there and everyone enjoyed being together and have fun. The class I had everyday was always outside which was fun because most of the time I got to do hands-on projects. This was the best experience I ever had in the summer, and I hope to have another chance to do this again.

Daniel posted an update
September 15
Pre-Attendance to LMU

Thank you all, the people who donated to my education, and the support all of you have given me to go to a summer program at LMU. This is a fascinating opportunity given to me and I will enjoy this program to the fullest. I will meet new people from different backgrounds and have a real two week experience at a university. Thanj you again for this chance to go to LMU.

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May 3

I want to see you triumph and learn more. Have a great time at LMU.

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April 18

I'm so proud of you! Have an amazing time!

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April 11
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April 11
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