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Leadership & Public Service High School
Corona, NY
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Ramon's Story

My passion is law.

I discovered my passion for trial law stems from my belief that one should hold their ground, but have the confidence and facts to effectively present that argument. I want to become a strong public speaker so I can pursue law, and I can defend those who don't necessarily have a voice for themselves.

Attending the Education Unlimited Public Speaking Institute will build on my ambition to pursue a career in law and justice. Learning more about how law is practiced will broaden my understanding of the careers available, while practicing new forms of public speaking will prepare me for those options. The entire program will also be a wonderful addition to my growing erudition and education.

A Note from Ms. Gray, Ramon's Counselor

Ramon takes it upon himself to suck the very marrow out of every opportunity we offer here at school. Three times already this semester I have witnessed first hand his verve and enthusiasm for asking questions, and earnestly listening to the advice and insight offered by a variety of presenters. Whether it is an Admissions Counselor at Columbia University, a Princeton professor, or the Head of Marketing in the Americas for the Macquarie Group, Ramon relishes each of these opportunities to better himself and put himself in proximity to individuals that reflect the aspirations for his own future.

Campaign Activity
Ramon posted an update
May 10
my update and thank you !

I want to thank everyone who has supported me through my campaign and has helped me achieve what is to be an unforgettable experience. This summer from June 18- June 24 I will be attending the Education Unlimited speaking institute at Yale University. I'm looking forward to being able to learn more about debate and public speaking. This will benefit me in the long run because I hope to become an attorney and these are vital skills an attorney will need. Aside from what I hope to get out of this program it's such an honor to believe that you have invested in my future and I want to say thank you. Without the support of you I wouldn't be where I am now. I wouldn't be able to learn more and better myself and hopefully meet new people where I would be able to share common interest along with being able to live the college live style and away from home and be able to have a brand new experience .

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