Oscar has applied to attend UCLA Teen Archstudio Summer Institute this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Summit Preparatory Charter High School
Redwood City, CA
Successfully funded on June 8th, 2015!
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Oscar's Story

My passion is architecture.

I began my interest for architecture when I was about ten. My dad, who was a painter, had a job at a business named Hayes Group. I would help him paint the interior of the building, so I got the chance to see the offices, equipment, and past projects. The way that the architects created detailed models was really amazing to me.

I hope to develop and explore my passion for architecture through UCLA Teen Archstudio Summer Institute. This program will allow me to grow as a person because I will be able to consider the needs of others in order to improve the living conditions of buildings. Essentially, this program would allow me to develop skills to become a contributing member of my community.

A Note from Ms. MacGillivray, Oscar's Mentor

"Oscar is a good candidate for UCLA Teen Archstudio Summer Institute because he has consistently shown his ability to self-advocate for opportunities that he is passionate about. He has participated in multiple internships thus far and his commitment to developing as a soccer player shows this impressive discipline. This program combines two things that Oscar is passionate about, innovation and community service, and I know he will be an excellent fit. Through this program, Oscar will be able to continue to grow his leadership skills while learning more about his future career choice."

Campaign Activity
Oscar posted an update
July 20
Excited for UCLA

With all the various programs to choose from, I decided to pick UCLA so that I can explore my passion for architecture. I know that I wouldn't have this opportunity without the support of many of my friends and family. I look forward to getting to know the campus, meeting new people and, of course, being able to do something that I have always had a strong interest in doing.

Being able to go to UCLA this summer will help me develop life-long skills that I will need for college and after college. Being able to live at an actual college will give me a sense of what it really means to be able to live in college. This is something that I am really looking forward to because, this fall I'll be applying to college and this experience will allow to decide if I really want to potentially go to college in Southern California or if I prefer being near home.

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June 8
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June 8
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June 4
Raymundo Méndez donated $200
June 4

Muchas suerte y que todas tus metas las alcances

Michael Maylan donated $50
June 3

Oscar, we have known each other for many years and I have watched you ride the wave of life. The ups and downs challenge you and each time you accept the challenge and see it through to the end. Your positive outlook and committment to sports and education make you a great candidate for this and further adventures. Go and show everyone that they have made the right decision to support you. I already know that I have. I am proud to call you a friend!

Anonymous donated $20
June 3
Hanmei Wu donated $80
June 3
Mike MacGillivray donated $50
May 22

I am Ms. Mac's dad and I'm happy to support this opportunity for you. Best of luck!

Kim Cruikshank donated $50
May 20
Elizabeth Ellis donated $100
May 15

Way to go, Oscar! Architecture is a fascinating career: a wonderful combination of quantitative skills and sheer creativity. Enjoy camp!

Pearl Chia Wu donated $20
May 15
Laney Whitcanack donated $50
May 14
Anonymous donated $50
May 14

Good luck Oscar! Regardless of the hurdles and you may encounter in life, remember that every day that the sun rises is an opportunity to improve and become closer to the person you're meant to be.....the future is yours to shape!

Annika Reier donated $25
May 14

I'm so excited for you, Oscar! Congratulations on the hard work that got you here!

Ava Petrash donated $25
May 14

So excited for you, Oscar! What an awesome opportunity!

Alma Contreras donated $20
May 14

I believe that school it's very important for the future,and that anyone deserves to achieve their goals,
.Buena Suerte!!!

Laurajean Gerber donated $15
May 14

Have fun! Apply yourself and you'll go far, Oscar.

-Ms. Gerber

Korina Medina donated $50
May 14

I am so proud of you. It takes a lot of initiative and discipline to seek after what you want. I am excited for this opportunity for you, and hope that you can maximize your skills from this experience. Buena suerte, amigo!

Penelope Pak McMillen donated $50
May 14
Julian Cortella donated $500
May 13
Dave Herron donated $25
May 13

Hope you get this chance, Oscar--sounds like a great opportunity!

Alara MacGillivray donated $50
May 13
Anonymous donated $170
May 13
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May 13
Oscar was accepted into Wishbone!
December 3