David has applied to attend Education Unlimited Mock Trial this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Business & Law
Downtown College Preparatory Academy - El Primero
San Jose, CA
Successfully funded on April 17th, 2017!
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David's Story

My passion is law.

I discovered my passion for law when I was a young child. Most of my life I was in and out of court as a result of my parents custody battles. I was given my own lawyer to speak with since children are not allowed in the courtroom, and he let me ask him every question I could think of about his job. He was a mentor to me, and since then I have wanted to a lawyer as well. I see the profession as a chance to help people when they need someone during rough times.

The Education Unlimited Mock Trial will help me pursue my passion of becoming a lawyer. The opportunity will show us how to prepare, deliver, and defend our arguments. It will be a chance to do something new, and I will be around other students who also want to become lawyers. This is the first step in my career.

A Note from Jordan Apgar, David's Mentor

David is extremely interested in attending law school. He sees this as an exceptional opportunity to get a head start and start exploring his passion for law early. He is an incredibly mature young man, and will take the program seriously. David is the epitome of a self-starter. Whatever he is interested in, he finds a way to participate, even if he does not have the means to pursue it to the level he would like.

Campaign Activity
David posted an update
July 27
Post Attendance Update: It was amazing!!

This program was life changing. I got to meet people from all over the world and work with them in mock trial. This experience has strengthened my passion for law and game me more knowledge on the subject. I would like to thank my donors from the bottom of my heart for making this life changing experience possible. And a huge thank you to Education Unlimited for making my experience much better than I expected.

A photo of some of my mock trial teammates and I.
A photo of some of my mock trial teammates and I.
David posted an update
May 3
Pre-Attendance Update

Hello, First off I would like to thank you for donating to my fundraiser and for investing in my dreams. The fact that you put your hard earned money towards the betterment of my education warms my heart.

I have finished registration for my program and have everything prepared. I am currently awaiting confirmation from the program about my registration.

Again, thank you very much for providing me with this amazing opportunity.

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April 17
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April 17
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April 14

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April 12

I'm excited for this awesome opportunity for you!

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Every day it's an accomplishment for you!
Never stop, trust your self, be the best!

Drew and Izabela Zima donated $100
April 7

Good luck David. May God help you achieve your dream.

Gaby Schmidt donated $25
April 7

This is great David! I remember you telling me years ago that lawyer was your dream job😊 I am glad to see that your are talking steps towards your dream! Best of luck!

The Schmidts

Daniela Davis donated $500
April 7

David, I am so proud of of you, for all your hard work, and accomplishments. I am so blessed to be your mom. I love you so much. Good luck!

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March 23
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March 19

You're such a rockstar David! I can't wait to hear all about your experience! I just know you're destined for amazing things :) Keep being awesome!

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March 16
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