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New York City, New York
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Ayleen's Story

My passion is psychology.

My passion for psychology was sparked after witnessing how my friend was personally impacted by mental health. This event made some of my own questions arise. Did her brain work differently than mine? What caused her to think this way? Pretty soon, I was looking up articles, videos, anything that gave me information on any type of mental illness or disorder and how loved ones could help. That’s when I realized I wanted to help everyone in that respect, by becoming a psychologist and treating people much like my friend.

I believe that Centenary Summer Scholars is the best place to pursue my passion for psychology because it will provide me with specific knowledge that my school is not able to give me. My high school currently offers one AP Psychology course, which is available to seniors and is only fifty minutes long. I've heard from my senior friends that the class is very broad, unlike an actual college course that will dig into specifics, allowing me to see wha psychology field I want to go into will be like. Experiencing a rigorous program will help me realize the effort that has to go into my studies and make me take them even more seriously.

A Note from Ms. Heatley, Ayleen's Teacher

Ayleen is a great candidate for Centenary Summer Scholars because she is independent and works well with others. While being on her poetry team, she has learned to collaborate with other students on drafting, editing, and performing poetry. She is inquisitive and thoughtful of others. I know that with her entering into the psychology program she will excel because of her approach to researching and strategizing ways to help those in need.

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August 16
My Summer Program Experience

Centenary Summer Scholars definitely solidified psychology as being what I would like to pursue. The Intro to Psychology course opened up my eyes to the specifics of going into psychology, along with the interesting discussions and topics psychology brings up. I am so glad to have met so many amazing, educated, and passionate people in this program, and having been able to disconnect from my phone for a week was amazing as well. I am beyond grateful for being able to have had this wonderful experience.

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