Ricardo has applied to attend University of New Haven Summer Business Academy this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Business & Law
Central High School
Bridgeport, CT
Successfully funded on May 4th, 2016!
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Ricardo's Story

My passion is business.

I discovered my passion after having real-life talks with my uncle about how stocks and investments can change your life and/or improve it. The idea of owning part of a company (or even owning half of your favorite company) is amazing to me because if your company does great you do great or if they do bad you might lose money. It also shows loyalty and a bond that you can have with your company. Sometimes, the business world can be very complicated and very conflicted, but with stocks and investments you can change many things.

Attending Summer Youth Business Academy will help me explore my passion because it will give me more insight into my passion. This program will also prepare me for college and prepare me for the real world when I pursue my passion. I would be happy to say that this gives kids like me an opportunities to be something people never said I would be. Also, it will do wonders for me because I do not have enough money to pay full tuition and fees.

A Note from Ms. Wright, Ricardo's Teacher

Ricardo is a good candidate for this program due to his high-energy personality and thirst for knowledge in the world of stocks and business administration. One of his goals is to use the knowledge and experience he gains in college to help "fix" the problems in his community rather than walk away from them. This frame of mind make Ricardo a good candidate for many programs, but could serve him well as he begins the journey to gain the skills to be a successful business owner in his community.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Wright helped Ricardo raise $600
May 4
Margaret O'Connor donated $11
May 4
Stacey Epps donated $100
May 4

Proud of you Ricky! Make sure you give it your all!
Good luck.

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Laura Johnson donated $20
May 3

Good luck with your endeavors, Ricardo! :)

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Shaun Mitchell donated $50
May 3

Ricardo, I believe in you. Do big things with this opportunity. Stay focused.

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erin cory donated $20
May 2

Hi Ricky! We don't know each other, but I just wanted to say congratulations on your acceptance into this awesome summer program, and good luck! (Not that you'll need it - it sounds like your own drive and passion are getting you exactly where you need to go. Hooray!)

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Michele Black donated $30
May 2

I just read your story and want to say even though I don't know you I am proud of the enthusiasm you have towards your future. I hope all your dreams come true, and that you are one day a leader in the business world. Good luck and NEVER give up:)

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Erika Wright donated $25
May 2

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April 25
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April 25
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