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Science & Medicine
New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science IV
New York City, New York
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Danielle's Story

My passion is biology.

Being brought up with a family that excelled in the math and science subjects, I couldn't imagine myself pursuing a career that didn't focus on math or science. Initially, I had a fixed mindset of being a nurse-midwife. However, after researching articles and videos, I couldn't see myself doing this as a profession. After ruling out nurse-midwife, I soon started down the path of computer engineering. After taking summer classes at York college, I realized that coding wasn't my forte. Whilst looking into other careers that combined both hands-on work with thinking deeply lead me to biology. What was more attracting about biology was how broad it was. Within the area of biology, there's biomedical engineering, biochemical engineering, food scientist and more. As I continued research about the different jobs connected to biology, my interest in the subject develops more every day.

Whilst reading the programs descriptions and visiting their individual websites, a few things caught my eye specifically about the Adelphi-Winthrop-University Hospital Summer Science Institute program. The very first thing that caught my eye is that the program was partnered with Adelphi college. Adelphi is one of the top colleges that I'd like to attend after graduating high school. The next thing that caught my eye was that the program was partnered with a hospital. I believe that the opportunity to learn hands-on in a hospital would expand my medical experiences for future references. Lastly, what attracted me to this program was that I'd learn about different topics, including the understanding of human genes, medical imaging technologies, X-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, radiation and medical technology for treating diseases, such as cancer. In conclusion, this is why I believe that this program will be the best program to explore the world of biology.

A Note from Ms. Dupree, Danielle's Teacher

Danielle is a good candidate for Adelphi Winthrop Summer Science Institute because in the time that I have known Danielle, her work ethic has vastly improved. Year after year, I have seen Danielle's growth. Danielle can benefit from having this opportunity this summer because it will help her in getting admitted into the universities of her choice, but also give her great hands on experience.

Campaign Activity
Danielle posted an update
June 7
My passion for biology

The love and desire I have for learning about biology only grows more and more every day. The opportunity that I have to go to the Adelphi Winthrop Summer Science Institute is something that I definitely won't take for granted. I'm extremely grateful for this chance to advance my understanding of biology and I'm extremely excited to start learning!

Success! Ms. Dupree helped Danielle raise $1,700
May 14
Lavelle Ferris donated $270
May 14

I hope you continue to find your passion. This program sounds like a great introduction to so many things... have fun!

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Deron Gurcharan donated $100
May 4

Best of luck your future endeavors - AMS IV Family

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May 4

You deserve a chance to enjoy life and the experiences that it has to offer.

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Aston Bell donated $100
May 3

It's a joy to be able to touch a brilliant young mind! Go Danielle!

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May 3

Uplifting a promising and beautiful mind... Go Danielle!!!

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May 1

Much success to you Danielle! all the best.

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May 1

Great job so far! Keep up the fundraising!

Victoria Stecker donated $36
April 30
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April 30

I believe in you
Donna Donaldson

Deborah Kamer donated $50
April 30

Danielle, so excited for you and I know you will do great!!! Congratulations!

Melissa Badlu donated $50
April 27

Congrats Danielle!! I hope this Summer program is very fulfilling. Keep up the great work.

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April 15
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April 15
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March 29
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March 29
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February 1