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Science & Medicine
Lighthouse Community Charter School
Oakland, CA
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Alejandro's Story

I have been passionate about becoming a nurse since I was in the 7th grade. My brother had suffered a bacterial infection, and as a result was in the hospital for fifteen days. Watching the nurses and doctors, it became clear how they wanted my brother to get better. They were smart, fast thinking, and took great care of him. I feel like nurses are respected and valued in our community since they are always giving back and helping us remain healthy. I have always loved giving back to my community, and I feel like nursing is a perfect way of expressing my dedication to the community that raised me. Nursing is something I want to pursue after college. I understand that it is a difficult career, but my determination and focus will allow me to overcome any obstacles.

Attending the NSCL Medicine and Healthcare program will allow me to have a better perspective on the nursing career and actually see what I want to specialize. This program is a hands on program which would give me experience that I am lacking, and the chance to analyze things I learned on a more practical level. I would learn more in this program than I ever had when it comes to nursing, and that will better prepare me to give back. Being a person of color in the nursing career isn't easy, but I want to prove those statistics wrong. My parents are immigrants, and although they didn't have the same opportunities, they gave me the chance to pursue my dreams. I want to prove that I am able to work in the medical field.

A Note from Mr. Harrington, Alejandro's Teacher

Alex wants to go into medicine. He has seen first-hand the impact of limited healthcare and emergency response. He has seen his friend gunned down on the streets of Oakland. He has seen the lack of essential medical care in Argentina. And, far from despairing, Alex wants only one thing: to help.

Alex is a top-student and a clear leader. He is a leader in the classroom, excelling at explaining difficult concepts and procedures to his peers, as well as pushing his own learning by stepping up to more challenging problems. He is a leader on the soccer field, serving as captain. He is the person both teachers and students turn to when something needs to be done.

The NSLC on Medicine and Healthcare is an opportunity for Alex to take his admirable personal and academic achievements and apply them to his chosen field. Gaining first-hand medical experience, learning from top healthcare officials, and grappling with the complex issues facing modern medicine will prepare Alex for a bright future in healthcare.

Campaign Activity
Alejandro posted an update
July 31
Thank You So Much!!! Unbelievable & Humbling Experience!

Thank you so much! I can't believe that these 9 days at the NYLF Medicine program went by so fast. I learned so much from Viruses, Careers, Medical School to being CPR Certified. All of this would've not been possible without your amazing help and kindness. I learned a lot about the medical field but I also learned about myself a lot. I grew out of my comfort zone and networked as much as possible which I believe was very helpful because I opened new doors with every conversation I had. I am not afraid that this experience was unbelievable and humbling but it was all thanks to you. Thank you so much, I will not take this experience for granted and will make the best use of it in the future. Again, I really appreciate you.

Alejandro posted an update
May 4
Thank You! We made it!

Thank you all for your donations. I am really excited to be part of this program and it wouldn't be possible without you guys. The NYLF Medicine program will allow me to have more experience in the medical field and it will help me pursue a specific career that I think fits for me. Not only will I find a career, but I will have an opportunity to meet other people who have similar interests which will allow me to with them on a personal level. Pursuing a medical career is difficult but thanks to you guys, my confidence level boosted because I realized that anything is possible by persisting and being determined with an open mind. Again, thank you all for your donations. We made it!

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Best of luck!

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March 30

Never stop dreaming, with determination everything is possible! Best wishes 👍🏼

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March 29
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May you be blessed in all your endeavors and remain humble and be characterized for your hard work and integrity.

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March 17

I was really excited to hear about your summer plans. Keep spreading the word!

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March 15
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