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Fine Arts
CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering
Windsor, Connecticut
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Chloe's Story

My passion is music. When I was in the third grade, I began playing the clarinet at school. It was my first time playing an instrument, and I really enjoyed learning more about the instrument. However, when I reached the seventh grade, I decided to switch instruments and started playing the trumpet. To my surprise, I liked playing the trumpet more than I did the clarinet. The trumpet was harder to play, but I enjoyed the challenge.

After leaving my old school last year, I have yet to have an opportunity to play the trumpet, since my previous school provided us with the instruments. Now that I am able to get a trumpet, I feel that it'd be beneficial for me to attend Creative Arts Workshop Adventures in Art. It'd be a great time for me to be instructed and taught how to further my knowledge of playing the instrument, as well as being surrounded by others with a similar interest.

A Note from Ms. Manby, Chloe's Teacher

Chloe thrives around people who share her energy and passion. I think a program, such as Creative Arts Workshop Adventures in Art, in which Chloe was exposed to other young people who also are deeply interested in music and the arts would be an excellent opportunity for her and one that she would use as a building block for her future and pursuing additional opportunities.

Chloe came to AAE recently and since I've come to know her she's often mentioned how much she loved her previous Band teacher, how much she loves playing music and wants to get back into playing the trumpet and other instruments. She took the initiative to reach out to her former music teacher who offered her an instrument to play with at home and we're doing our best to adjust her schedule to get her into Band at AAE. Her advocacy has had a huge role in this. She identified a passion and sought adults to help make her able to pursue it. Chloe is also a very gifted artist and spends lots of her spare time drawing and doodling. If she has a free moment you will likely see her with blank paper and colored pencils.

Campaign Activity
Chloe posted an update
June 7
My Pre-Attendance Update

I have completed everything I need to do to prepare for my program, which will take place in the New Haven Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, CT. I will get the bus to go and to come back home, and I also have ready a sketchbook, pencils, markers, and other basic materials fundamental for dry and mixed media.

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With hard work and dedication you will succeed.

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