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Maria's Story

My passion is acting.

Acting will always be a part of the human life. For example, we act like we are happy when deep inside we are hurt. Acting has become a passion in my life ever since my life became an act. I feel like no one will ever know who I really am because I act every step in my life.

Attending Film Acting Bay Area will help be develop my passion for becoming an actress. It will be a chance for me to view and understand the expectations of the career. I know that acting may be really hard, but since it's what I really want to be, I have to just go for it.

A Note from Mrs. Thomas, Maria's Teacher

"Maria has demonstrated a passion for acting and was the student who sought out this opportunity on her own. She has not really been involved in extracurricular activities but was super excited by the idea of participating in Film Acting Bay Area. Maria resides in a low income community and will be a first generation college student. She has not had much exposure to groups outside of her immediate community setting, and this would be a great opportunity for her to have this experience."

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Maria posted an update
October 1
I was excited to go to my Film Acting Bay Area Core Classes

The program I attended was Film Acting Bay Area Core Classes. This program took place in Emeryville, the activities we did was seeing a show and then trying to memories the lines. After we memorized them we would act it out. Something I learned was that when you're acting you have to really put yourself into that person's shoes and pretend you're actually that person so it can look real. Thank you again for your support.

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