Estefania has applied to attend SOCAPA Digital Photography Bootcamp this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
Math, Science, and Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High School
Los Angeles, CA
Successfully funded on April 4th, 2017!
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Estefania's Story

My passion is photography.

I am interested in photography because it makes me realize how amazing the world is. A fact about me is that even if I have more than a hundred pictures of the sky, I will never get tired of them because the sky is what introduced me to photography. One day, I had a horrible day. I had my phone in my hand I decided to take a picture of the sky, then of the street, and then of the buildings, which make me think of how amazing the sunset looked. I now constantly take pictures of buildings, people, sky, and nature. In my opinion, I think I need to enhance the the way I angle my pictures.

SOCAPA Digital Photography Bootcamp will give me a brief explanation of how people view photography and how it makes an impact in their lives. SOCAPA would help me become a more productive, clever, and determined person, and it would give me a better idea if photography is something I want to do.

A Note from Ms. Duret, Estefania's Teacher

Estefania is a great candidate for SOCAPA Digital Photography Bootcamp because of her innate curiosity and dedication to her passions. She is a student who is proactive and responsible, prioritizing her school work and altruistic passions over everything else. This program is a chance for Estefania to explore an individual passion that she does not always have the resources or the time to pursue. Participating in this program would be a valuable opportunity for her personal and creative growth.

Campaign Activity
Estefania posted an update
May 10
Pre- Attendence

I acknowledge the fact that people donated money in order to attend my summer program. I am so excited to attend this summer program during the summer, I am really fascinated that I will be spending one week of my summer focusing on digital photography. Fundraising was a new experience for me and made me realized that there are always people who can help you reach your goals, but you have to seek help and contribute to your community as well.

Success! Ms. Duret helped Estefania raise $1,245
April 4
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April 4
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March 26
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March 6
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February 1